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Evolis TattooRW

Direct thermal, contactless smart card reader/encoder, 300 dpi, 12 sec/card with card feeder, 2.125" card width, USB interface, 16MB RAM. Includes: Printer, Power cord, USB cable, 30 day eMedia Card Design software trial.

ID Printer
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Evolis TattooRW ID Printer

The TattooRW is an Evolis printer for single-sided rewritable cards. It effortlessly matches all your expectations when it comes to flexibility, affordability, sustainable development, and regular data updates. The TattooRW is a ribbon-free printer that uses rewritable cards. Such cards contain a thermochromatic material that turns visible, or vanishes, according to the applied temperature. This reversible process makes it possible to erase and print on the same card up to 500 times. Your card turns into a powerful medium that displays temporary or updatable data such as bonus points and special offers on a loyalty card, or the name and relevant details of visitors on a corporate badge.

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Manufacturer part number: TTR201BBH-00CW