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Extreme Summit 300-24

24 10/100 ports with Power over Ethernet, 2 1000BT, 2 mini-GBIC, Edge EW

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Extreme Summit 300-24

The Summit 300-24 provides 24 ports of 10/100 Ethernet with four physical Gigabit Ethernet uplinks (two active and two redundant). With its integrated PoE, the Summit 300-24 can power up to 24 Class 3 (15.4 watt) devices such as Voice over IP (VoIP) phones, surveillance cameras, and badge readers. Every port delivers a vast array of ExtremeWare Layer 3 and Layer 2 features ranging from OSPF routing and advanced Quality of Service (QoS) classification to the latest advancements in security.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: 13245