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Extreme Summit WM100 Switch

With 4X Fast Ethernet interfaces, supports 50 Altitude 350-2 APs. Includes two 15942 PSUs, rack mount brackets, two US power cords. Upgradeable to AutoCell dynamic RF management with 15940 upgrade.

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Extreme Summit WM100 Switch

The Summit WM100 Switch offers a novel approach to managing the complexity of configuring and operating wireless networks. These switches are ready to support the most advanced wireless applications. With the capability to support high-speed, cross-subnet roaming and sophisticated multicast support, the Summit WM100 Switch switches can meet nearly any mobile voice or multimedia networking challenge. Available in a 4X Fast Ethernet or 2X Gigabit Ethernet versions, both with redundant power supplies, the Summit WM100 Switch switch is an ideal solution for your mobile data and voice challenges.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: 15945