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Fargo DTC 4000

Double-sided Base Model USB with 100 card hopper

ID Printer
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Fargo DTC 4000 ID Printer

The Fargo DTC 4000 card printer is field upgradeable, so it can adapt to changes you need when you need them. Add dual sided printing functionality. Add magnetic stripe encoding. Add HID Proximity encoding (125 kHz), iCLASS contactless encoding (13.56 MHz), or contact chip encoding. Add Ethernet connectivity. Add a high-capacity ID card hopper. As organizations grow and threats change, those responsible for asset protection need equipment that can easily adapt to evolving needs. As your organization grows, the DTC 4000 can grow with you. In addition to sophisticated encoding options, the DTC 4000 will print a UV layer for an increased level of physical security on the card. The DTC 4000 can also be password protected at the printer so only approved operators can print and encode plastic security cards and badges.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: FAR48670