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GammaTech Durabook SA14
The durable SA14, designed to meet the needs of companies in a wide variety of industries, offers a choice of powerful Intel Core processors, long battery life of up to 11 hours, and assorted wireless connectivity for use away from an office...
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GammaTech Durabook R8300
The DURABOOK R8300 is designed to withstand extremely harsh environments, the R8300 notebook meets a host of rugged certifications such as Military Standard 810G, 461F, IP65, and more. This fully rugged powerhouse is equipped with Intel"s i-core...
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GammaTech Durabook S15AB
The GammaTech Durabook S15AB is the ideal laptop solution for those who need more durability and ruggedness than the generally fragile consumer notebooks provide, but still at a reasonable price.