Hand Held Bar code Verifier

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Photo of Hand Held QC850 Series Verifier Hand Held QC850 Series
Bar code symbol reproduction accuracy is critical throughout the distribution supply chain, especially in an era of stringent compliance programs. With Hand-Held verification products you can be assured that you can produce, receive, and use...
Photo of Hand Held QC890 Verifier Hand Held QC890
The integrated solution to barcode symbol verification, the QC890 Verification System consists of the optical input device and the Quick Check Image Data (QCID) graphical user interface. The QC890 is flexible, easy to set up and comfortable to...
Photo of Hand Held Online Verifier Verifier Hand Held Online Verifier
The Online Verifier adds value to your universal system by analyzing bar code printing quality, information encoded on checks, and alert you to system failures. The Online Verifier also verifies bar codes and can operate in several...
Photo of Hand Held QCPC600 Verifier Hand Held QCPC600
The QCPC600 ensures bar codes are readable and verifiable at all points in the supply chain. Select a mouse wand or a pen wand and make sure your bar codes verify.