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As of January 1, 2005 HHP is now known as Handheld.

Hand Held, based in Skaneateles Falls, NY, is the leading provider of image-based data collection solutions for mobile, wireless, and transaction processing applications to end users throughout the world. HHP Scanner, Hand Held Computer & Verifier logo

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Photo of HHP IT3800 Scanner As low as
HHP IT3800
This durable model is excellent in handheld scanning applications, such as point of sale where hand scanning is required for large bulky items, shipping and warehousing or anywhere where low to medium density bar codes are being read 2 to 3...
Photo of HHP IT4600 Scanner HHP IT4600
The IT4600 area imager from HHP combines the versatility of area imaging with the speed and cost of linear scanning for demanding retail and commercial applications. Powered by Adaptus imaging, the IT4600 is full featured, fast, and cost effective....
Photo of HHP IT4620 Scanner HHP IT4620
HHP's IT4620 Cordless Imager features Bluetooth technology providing 10m (33 ft.) of read range and utilizes adaptive frequency hopping for improved performance in existing RF environments. Its power is provided by lithium ion battery capable of...
Photo of HHP IT4800 Scanner HHP IT4800
The IT4800 Industrial 2D Area Imager is the first handheld area image reader powered by Adaptus imaging technology. Adaptus technology decodes faster, farther, and future-proofs your investment.
Photo of HHP IT5600 Scanner As low as
HHP IT5600
The IT5600 is the most powerful linear (1-D) imager ever produced for use in retail & commercial applications. The IT5600 has a read range out to 24 inches on bar codes used in retail applications making this a good choice for POS...
Photo of HHP IT5620 Scanner HHP IT5620
The superior ergonomics of the HHP IT5620 delivers comfortable operation in traditional bar code reading mode or hands-free operation. Bluetooth technology enables wireless communication, and its unique design takes up less space at the POS...
Photo of HHP IT5800 Scanner HHP IT5800
The IT5800 Industrial image readers are designed and built to handle today's (and tomorrow's) toughest industrial applications. The first industrial class readers to bring you HHP's industry-leading image technology, allowing you to read...
Photo of HHP 4410 Scanner HHP 4410
The 4410 Series: Handheld input device for reading and decoding two dimensional (2D) symbologies and OCR text. The 4410 can also capture images for signature capture, record carton condition when shipped or received and other related applications.
Photo of HHP 3870 Scanner HHP 3870
Designed for aggressive reading performance on PDF417 and MicroPDF417. The 3870 reads high-density bar codes with dimensions as small as 3 mil., while the 3870 reads 15 mil. codes out to 18 inches. All of these configurations feature an IP...
Photo of HHP 5770 Scanner HHP 5770
The 5770 cordless scanner addresses the needs of many applications. It is designed for tough industrial use, such as on loading docks, where shipping and receiving of materials requires the freedom to move around.
Photo of HHP VT3080 Scanner HHP VT3080
VT3080 scanners offer the excellent scanning performance you expect from a Welch-Allyn brand product at an attractive, entry level price. The VT3080 connects to the most often used terminals and PCs for Point-of-Sale or general purpose applications....
Photo of HHP 4710 Scanner HHP 4710
The 4710 Image Reader can be configured as either a handheld or fixed mount device which reads matrix, stacked linear and conventional linear bar codes, as well as a single line of OCR-A and OCR-B text. The 4710 has the power to capture and...
Photo of HHP 6100 Scanner HHP 6100
The 6100 series contact bar code scanner is available with visible red illumination and optics in a stainless steel housing. The 6100 has a large depth of field for excellent reading at large tilt angles and through laminates
Photo of HHP 6180 Scanner HHP 6180
6180 Complete Notebook Wand Kit - Ready to go out of the box!
Photo of HHP 7200 Hand Held Computer HHP 7200
The 7200 is a rugged, pocketsize computer and bar code scanner with an open DOS architecture and up to 12 MB of memory. Ergonomically designed for both right and left-handed use, the 7200 is available with a variety of integrated scanning...
Photo of HHP 7400 Hand Held Computer HHP 7400
Step into the next generation of portable data collection with the 7400. The 7400 adds a Microsoft Windows CE operating system to a modular portable handheld computer platform that features full alphanumeric keypad, large quarter-screen display,...
Photo of HHP 7600 Hand Held Computer As low as
HHP 7600
The 7600 mobile computer from Handheld Products features Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 and Wireless LAN communication, which gives users the ability to collect, manage, and communicate data effectively and efficiently. Advanced power management...
Photo of HHP 7900 Hand Held Computer HHP 7900
The HHP 7900 Mobile Computer packs all the performance and durability of the Dolphin 9500 and 9550 in a PDA-like, easy-to-use design. The HHP 7900 is ideal for change management, customer service, computer-aided ordering, store transfers, voice...
Photo of HHP 9500 & 9550 Hand Held Computer HHP 9500 & 9550
The 9500 & 9550 series mobile computers deliver unparalleled performance and value for all mobile data collection applications. Their lightweight, ergonomic, and rugged designs provide the ease of use and operational reliability needed to excel in...
Photo of HHP QC200 Series Verifier HHP QC200 Series
QC200 Series series verifiers are easy to use, yet packed with high performance features that utilize the most sophisticated test methods. Every model can be instantly programmed to test specific bar code specifications by simply scanning...
Photo of HHP QC650 Series Verifier HHP QC650 Series
The QC650 Series verifiers analyze bar code quality against traditional quality parameters and ANSI/CEN/ISO bar code print quality guidelines. Each unit includes all standard symbologies and is manufactured and traceable to N.I.S.T....
Photo of HHP QC850 Series Verifier HHP QC850 Series
The QC850 Series Series offers the convenience of simple aim-and-shoot verification through the use of a QC3800V, a customized IT3800 handheld linear imager. Full traditional and ANSI/CEN/ISO dimensional, reflectance, and format tests can also be...
Photo of HHP Online Verifier Verifier HHP Online Verifier
HHP's Quick Check Online Verifier Verifier is a universal system component that can analyze linear bar code print quality, check encoded data, and detect system failures. In its basic mode of operation, the Online Verifier performs...
Photo of HHP QCPC600 Verifier HHP QCPC600
Quick Check Viewer Software
Photo of HHP ScanTeam 2000 C-1 Decoder HHP ScanTeam 2000 C-1
The ScanTeam 2000 C-1 is a compact, rugged Keyboard wedge that transmits decoded bar code, magnetic stripe, and MICR data to a variety of terminals, and PCs by emulating keyboard/terminal communications. This product supports the full range...
Photo of HHP ScanTeam 2010-1 Decoder HHP ScanTeam 2010-1
The ScanTeam 2010-1 is an economical solution for a wide range of Keyboard wedge system interface requirements. It is designed to meet the functionality of other entry level wedge decoder products, but will provide the additional Welch-Allyn brand...
Photo of HHP TT8500 Signature Capture Pad HHP TT8500
HHP introduces the revolutionary TT8500. This state-of -the-art terminal offers unrivaled power, versatility, and value. POS payments, EBT, signature capture, and in-lane, targeted communications are enabled by the TT8500's fast processor and proven...
Photo of HHP TT8810 Signature Capture Pad HHP TT8810
The HHP TT8810 features a new touch screen, stylus, and screen protector system, HHP has enhanced the usability and extended the useful life of the product. Innovative and full featured, the TT8810 can process credit and debit payments, access smart...
Photo of HHP TT8870 Signature Capture Pad HHP TT8870
Delivering the power and performance of bulkier kiosks at a fraction of the cost, the TT8870 takes up far less space and comes loaded with standard features typically costing more in other products. With its small footprint, the TT8870 provides a...
Photo of HHP ScanTeam 6901 Card Scanner HHP ScanTeam 6901
The ScanTeam 6901 Series magnetic stripe card readers provide the addition of multi-track reading capability and compact design to POS systems, in an unobtrusive mounting package. Designed to be used with HHP's ST2000/2010 retail decoders or ST8300...
Photo of HHP ScanTeam 6920 Card Scanner HHP ScanTeam 6920
ScanTeam 6920 products are Magnetic Stripe Card Readers (MSRs) which attach to PCs through a Keyboard wedge interface. The magnetic stripe data transmitted by the ScanTeam 6920 to the PC emulates keyboard data input. For many applications, no PC...
Photo of HHP ScanTeam 6980 Card Scanner HHP ScanTeam 6980
The ScanTeam 6980 is a dual track Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (MSR) designed to attach to devices with an RS-232 serial interface port. All magnetic stripe decoding electronics are contained in the compact ScanTeam 6980 product enclosure. The...
Photo of HHP ScanTeam 8300 MICR Check Scanner HHP ScanTeam 8300 MICR
The ScanTeam 8300 MICR product line is a family of check reader products with various interface and decoding capabilities. All versions utilize a magnetic MICR read head and include a host system interface port.
Photo of HHP ScanTeam 8310 MICR Check Scanner HHP ScanTeam 8310 MICR
The ScanTeam 8310 MICR is the reduced feature set member of the ScanTeam 8300 family of check reader products. All ST8300 products contain FLASH memory which allows for easy firmware upgrades in the field without the need to disassemble the product,...
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HHP 5700 - Discontinued, Replaced by the Honeywell 3800g
HHP 2380 - Discontinued, Replaced by the Unitech MS120
HHP ScanTeam 6400 - Discontinued, Replaced by the ID Tech Omni Barcode Reader
HHP TT1500 - Discontinued, Replaced by the Honeywell TT8500
HHP TT3100 - Discontinued, Replaced by the Honeywell TT8810