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HHP ScanTeam 2000 C-1 Decoder

The HHP ScanTeam 2000 C-1 has been renamed to the Hand Held ScanTeam 2000 C-1.

ScanTeam 2000 C-1 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
2000/R-1 ScanTeam 2000 C-1, Retail Barcode Decoder Wedge, IBM, 36xx NCR, Multi-input Check Availability Call for Details
2000/C-1 ScanTeam 2000 C-1, Commercial Barcode Decoder Wedge, Multi-Interface, Multi-Port Check Availability Call for Details

HHP ScanTeam 2000 C-1 Details

The ScanTeam 2000 C-1 is a compact, rugged keyboard "wedge" that transmits decoded barcode, magnetic stripe, and MICR data to a variety of terminals, PCs and/or POS devices by emulating keyboard/terminal communications. The product supports the full range of Welch Allyn contact and non-contact barcode scanners (wands, CCDs, and lasers), magnetic stripe, and MICR readers. The ScanTeam 2000 C-1 can be interfaced with a variety of PCs and terminals, including IBM, DEC, HP, WYSE, NCR, Nixdorf, and Fujitsu. A bi-directional auxiliary port allows integration of RS-232 devices (e.g., scales, gauges, portable data collection computers, printers).
ScanTeam 2000 C-1 series products are fully programmable via an easy-to-use barcode menu. The advanced data formatting feature provides a powerful editing facility for optimal performance and compatibility with existing application systems. The unique FLASH EPROM downloading and cloning features provide customers with access to new Welch Allyn software releases, extending the customer's investment to new applications and system requirements. Welch Allyn's industry leading Wide Band Decoding firmware delivers unmatched scanning and decoding performance for maximum throughput.

The versatile SCANTEAM 2000 series products handle a wide range of data entry chores in manufacturing, office, and retail/POS applications. They can improve data accuracy and speed for document tracking, remittance processing, asset control, inventory tracking, work-in-process, shop floor control, time and attendance, and many other applications.


  • Universal Interface for POS Terminals, Computer Terminals, and PCs
  • Wide range of interfaces spans the retail and commercial wedge markets. Flexibility for new systems and applications.
  • Small "footprint" eases implementation and reduces work area clutter.
  • Support for barcode wands, lasers, CCD scanners, swipe readers, mag stripe and MICR readers provides maximum applications flexibility.
  • New software releases can be downloaded, eliminating the need to ship and install conventional PROMS. Protects and extends customer investment.
  • Two-way communications with RS-232 devices (i.e. printers, gauges, and scales) for flexibility in configuring system solutions. Can also be used as a serial wedge.
  • Fast, accurate autodiscrimination of up to 13 codes at 3 to 50 inches/second. Instant interchange between keyboard, barcode, and magnetic stripe data input.
The HHP ScanTeam 2000 C-1 is also known as the Hand Held Products ScanTeam 2000 C-1 .