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HP rp3000

SmartBuy bundle, INFOTOUCH, includes touch screen and peripherals.

POS Touch Computer
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HP rp 3000 POS Touch Computer

Increase functionality and manage multiple aspects of your retail operation with the HP rp 3000 POS system, which offers retail-ready components not found on a PC, plus an Intel processor, durable form factor, and three-year limited warranty. Whether you need a platform for a POS solution to process customer transactions or a manager's workstation, the HP rp 3000 POS system gives you the flexibility to standardize on the same hardware and image throughout your store. The HP rp 3000 POS system boasts a steel chassis and extensive on-board monitoring, an efficient Intel Atom processor, and oversized cooling system that add to the lifespan of the system and increase your savings.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: BDL-BS-301G-IT-TGS