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Photo of ID Tech SecurePIN Payment Terminal ID Tech SecurePIN
The IDTech SecurePIN is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Certified, ensuring it meets the highest standards for PIN security. Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) key management and TDES are used for PIN encryption providing secure PIN handling...
Photo of ID Tech Sign&Pay Payment Terminal As low as
ID Tech Sign&Pay
The IDTech Sign&Pay allows the user can swipe the cards and enter PIN number or author signature for transactions. The large color LCD screen makes on-screen navigation easy with the stylus. The device is command-driven and fully programmable to...
Photo of ID Tech BTPay 200 Payment Terminal As low as
ID Tech BTPay 200
The ID TECH BTPay 200 allows merchants to provide their customers with the convenience of a mobile method of payment. With the capability to read MagStripe cards and smart cards, merchants can take a variety of payment methods and save money by...