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The ID Tech Heavy Duty Omni Barcode Reader. In addition to rugged housing, the Omni Barcode Reader has a metal base with tapped holes and rubber feet, and can be Velcro mounted. Multi-colored LED (not on TTL). The cable can exit at the end, side or straight down. Options include visible red or infrared bar code scanning, as well as TTL, RS-232, Keyboard wedge (AT/XT, PS/2, or Mac), Weigand or USB interface options.

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Omni Barcode Reader Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
WCR3237-600S Omni Barcode Reader, Keyboard wedge interface sealed barcode slot reader. Includes PS/2 Y-cable. Color: black. Ships in 24-48 Hours $112.82
Retail $199
Save 43%
WCR3237-600US Omni Barcode Reader, USB interface, sealed barcode slot reader. Includes USB cable. Color: black. Ships Today $133.93
Retail $239
Save 43%
WCR3227-600S Omni Barcode Reader, RS-232 interface barcode slot reader with visible red and sealed construction. Ships Today $112.82
Retail $199
Save 43%
WCR3207-600S Omni Barcode Reader, DB-9 squeeze connector, TTL, Barcode, Visible Red Ships in 24-48 Hours $76.86
Retail $149
Save 48%
WCR3207-700S Omni Barcode Reader, Swipe Reader, Heavy Duty Slot Reader, Weatherized, Barcode Reader TTL and Infrared. Color: Black Ships Today $77.86
Retail $149
Save 47%
WCR3227-600US Omni Barcode Reader, USB with RS-232 emulation, visible red, Weatherized. Ships Today $130.74
Retail $239
Save 45%
WCR3227-700S Omni Barcode Reader, RS-232, Barcode only, Infrared Ships Today $110.24
Retail $199
Save 44%
WCR3237-700S Omni Barcode Reader, Barcode only, Keyboard wedge interface, Infrared Ships in 24-48 Hours $106.72
Retail $299
Save 64%
WCR3237-700US Omni Barcode Reader, USB, Black, Keyboard Emulation, Reads Barcodes only, Infrared. Includes USB cable. Ships Today $131.23
Retail $239
Save 45%
WCR3227-633U Omni Barcode Reader, Heavy Duty Slot Reader (Magnectic Stripe Reader with Tracks 1, 2 and 3, Barcode Reader with Visible Red, USB, RS-232 Emulation, Decoded and Weatherized) Ships Today $200.80
Retail $369
Save 45%
WCR3227-712 Omni Barcode Reader, Omni Heavy Duty Slot Reader, Infrared and RS-232 Interface Ships in 24-48 Hours $163.94
Retail $399
Save 58%
WCR3297-700 Omni Barcode Reader, Omni 3297 Heavy-Duty Slot Reader Ships in 24-48 Hours $122.20
Retail $229
Save 46%

ID Tech Omni Barcode Reader Details

Reads magnetic stripes. The Omni reads up to three tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction. In combination, the same Omni unit can read both bar code and magnetic stripe media. TTL, RS-232, keyboard wedge, USB/Keyboard, and Weigand interfaces are available.

Edits and formats data. The Omni can be programmed to divide, rearrange, edit, and validate fields of scanned data. In addition, it allows for up to 16 preamble or postamble characters. Data editing for the Weigand interface can be programmed with an optional RS-232 adaptor cable.

Scans bar codes. The Omni scans bar codes printed on paper, card stock, or plastic. An infrared option is available for security-based applications, where bar codes are overprinted to prevent duplication.

Stands up to heavy use. The Omni reader is designed for demanding applications, such as for access control or in self-service kiosks. Its die-cast metal base, stainless steel wearplate, and impact-resistant housing make it ideal for stand-alone, high-volume traffic. Its metal base can be securely mounted with screws, and cable exits are avaliable at the side, end, or bottom of the unit. A weatherproof/extended temperature version is also available for use in harsh environments.

The ID Tech Omni Barcode Reader is also known as the IDTech Omni Barcode Reader .