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Intermec PX4i A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Intermec PX4i.
EasyCoder 501XP Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer (115VAC Power Supply and US Cord) The EasyCoder 501XP meets the demands of today's business with its 32-bit RISC processor performing at 12 inches per second and 300 dpi resolution. Use the EasyCoder 501XP to print 10.16 cm (4in) wide labels. Because the EasyCoder 501XP printer comes standard with Intermec's Fingerprint language, it can be programmed to interpret and translate different device data streams. In this way, the EasyCoder 501XP easily adapts to your existing system without reinvesting time and money. The EasyCoder 501XP printer exhibits Intermec's reputation for rugged design. With its strong steel and aluminum frame, the EasyCoder 501XP offers consistent performance in the harshest environments. With operator convenience in mind, the EasyCoder 501XP uses Intermec's Open Web Path for quick loading of labels and ribbon. Ships with full-featured version of LabelShop START label design software.
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EasyCoder 501XP Options
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G5X01000000000 501XP, Thermal transfer, 305 dpi, 12 ips, 4.7" print width, parallel & serial interfaces. Includes US power cord. Order cables separately. See accessories. Check Availability Call for Details

Intermec EasyCoder 501XP Details

<<$mfg->name>> EasyCoder 501XP Label, Ticket & Tag Printer


  • Supercharged Output - 32 bit RISC processor and 12 ips print speed.
  • Network Connectivity and Management.
  • Minimal Downtime - Quick label and ribbon loading, magnet QuickMount printhead.
  • Intelligent - Printer integration is made easy with Fingerprint™ programming language.
  • Rugged Design - The aluminum and steel design ensures continuous performance even in the harshest environments.

When an entire roll of labels needs to be printed now. When applications demand “first label out” at breakneck speed. When there is no time to waste, the EasyCoder® 501XP delivers.

Like most Intermec printers, the EasyCoder 501XP is rugged. With its 32 bit RISC processor and 12 ips print speed, no other printer on the market delivers the exceptional print quality obtained with a 300 dpi printhead at the speed today’s businesses demand.

Intermec has introduced several features into the <<$mfg->name>> EasyCoder 501XP ; all designed to make life for the operator simpler. The EasyCoder 501XP features an Open Web Path for quick loading of media and ribbon. The patented Magnet QuickMount printhead requires no tools and no technician for replacement. The EasyCoder 501XP is designed to easily integrate into existing printer applications utilizing non-Intermec printers.

Through Intermec’s Fingerprint programming language, host-programming changes need not occur. The

<<$mfg->name>> EasyCoder 501XP printers come equipped with the Fingerprint printer language, the printer can be programmed to interpret and translate different device data streams. This all adds up to easier decision making when it comes to upgrading to newer and faster technology or replacing old antiquated technology. Network connectivity and management has never been easier.

Intermec’s EasyLAN 100i NIC option features a fast 10/100-based connection for bi-directional communication with your printer. Easily configurable through any web browser.

The EasyCoder 501XP along with its 15.24-cm (6in) wide counterpart, the EasyCoder 601 XP, gives your organization the necessary edge, to keep one step ahead in today’s fast-paced world.

Physical Characteristics Length: 480 mm (18.9 in) Height: 239 mm (9.4 in) Width: 275 mm (10.8 in) Weight: 13 kg (28.7 lbs)

Print Specifications Print Width: Max. 106.6 mm (4.2 in) Print Speed: Variable speed100–300mm/s(4–12in/s)at 300 dpi. True speed equivalent to 30 ppm, A4 at 300 dpi. Print Direction: Prints smooth text, any size bar codes, and graphics in all four directions. Print Resolution: 300 dpi (12 dots/mm)

Media Specifications Label Size – Max width: 120 mm (4.7 in) Max length: 400 mm (15.7 in) with standard DRAM memory Label/Ribbon Roll – Label roll: max. diameter 203.2 mm (8 in) Ribbon roll: max. length 450 m (1476 ft) Media Core: 38–40 mm (1.5–1.6 in) and 76 mm (3 in) Media/Ribbon Characteristics – Style: Roll-fed, die-cut, continuous, or fanfold labels, tags or tickets Type: Plain paper thermal transfer or thermal sensitive papers Ribbon Type: Wax, wax/resin, resin Paper/Ribbon Setup: EasySet® System— built-in bar code wand interface offers instant printer setting for various papers, ribbons and other printer parameters.

Software Printer language: Fingerprint™ or Intermec Direct Protocol. Windows™ label program: Intermec LabelShop® Windows printer drivers for Windows 3.11, Windows 95, 98 & NT.

Bar code Symbologies Incorporates 37 bar code symbologies, including 2-Dimensional codes.

Characters/Fonts TrueDoc™ and TrueType™ font capability. All fonts are scalable. Font cache for maximum performance. 15 UNICODE scalable Latin fonts are standard. Non-Latin fonts for Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia are optional. Printing of graphics and symbols is also easy.

Environment +5° to 40° (+40° to +104°F)

Humidity 20–80% non-condensing (depending on label material).

Power Supply Power Factor Correction (PFC). Switches automatically between 115 V or 230 VAC, 45 or 65 Hz. Voltage range: 90– 264 VAC. PFC regulation.

Memory Faster execution with new Mips 32 bit RISC processor. Standard: 2MB Flash 4MB DRAM 1 PC card slot Optional: max. 8MB DRAM max. 6MB Flash max. 8MB PC card

Interface Standard: RS-232, Fast Centronics Baud Rate 300–38400 Optional: Industrial I/O Relays, DIDO, RS-232, RS-422


Display Back-lit LCD for 2x16 characters and 3 LED indicator lamps.

Keyboard Membrane-switch keyboard (0–9) and 13 other function keys.

Real Time Clock (RTC) Standard.

AWS Intermec’s Anti Wrinkle System prevents ribbon wrinkling, secures print quality.

Regulatory Approvals CE (EN55022 Class B), FCC Class A, UL, CSA, C-Tick

<<$mfg->name>> EasyCoder 501XP Options Peel-off/Self-strip, integral Self-strip unit with Liner Takeup, Label-Taken Sensor (LTS), Ribbon Low Sensors, Label Roll Retainer, Cutter, Fan-Fold guides, PC Flash Card memory, Flash SIMM and DRAM SIMM memory, Non-Latin fonts, EasySet bar code Wand, External RE 232C Alphanumeric Keyboard, Industrial Interface, EasyLAN 100i internal Ethernet.

The Intermec EasyCoder 501XP is also known as the Intermec Technologies EasyCoder 501XP .