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Intermec CV 30 Accessories

CV 30 Accessories
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
VE011-2017 Cable Assembly for CV30, Dual, USB Ships Today $66.35
VE011-2016 Cable, Single USB (Adapts Vehicle Dock Comm Connector or USB Snap-on Adapter to USB-A Female for connectivity to USB peripherals. Optional: Use 203-810-001 Cable Retainer Kit to secure USB connectors.) Ships Today $50.25
203-832-001 CV30 Computer Accessories, Convertor Kit, DC/DC Converter, 15-96V Ships Today $295.17
805-814-001 Vehicle Mounting Kit, 2 1/4 Dual, Ball Mount Ships Today $192.30
236-185-001 Cable, RS-232 6.5 ft. 9pin coil req ext psu (RS-232 serial connection to terminals providing non-powered 9 pin D-Sub connector. Requires external power supply unit ordered separately.) Ships Today $55.73
Retail $85
Save 34%
805-661-001 Mounting Kit (Keypad, Dual 1 1/2 In Ball) Ships Today $156.52
321-642-002 Cable for the CV30, 8 feet, RS-232, Decoded. Supports SR60. Ships Today $143.12
VE011-2018 Cable, Developers CN3/CN4/CV30 series (For use with USB Snap-on adapter (Part# 850-559-001) to support USB active sync/client requirements.) Ships Today $42.20
VE011-2020 CV30 Computer Accessories, Cable (DC/DC) for the CV30 Ships Today $86.99
VE011-2019 Kit (Touch Panel, Replaceable, Touch Panel) for the CV30 Ships in 24-48 Hours $599.28
VE011-2006 Kit, Wall Mounting Bracket Ships Today $210.19
VE011-2014 Screen Protector Kit for CV30, Includes 10 Piece Screen Protective Film Ships Today $183.36
VE011-2004 Kit, Tethered Stylus Ships in 24-48 Hours $54.27
236-198-001 Cable, RS-232 12 ft. 9pin coil req ext psu (RS-232 serial connection to terminals providing non-powered 9 pin D-Sub connector. Requires power supply unit be ordered separately.) Ships in 24-48 Hours $55.73
Retail $85
Save 34%
VE012-8014-A1 Cable PSU Converter 2455 DC/DC To Connect To CV30 Ships in 24-48 Hours $42.20
VE011-2022 Keyboard Space constraint for CV30 Ships in 24-48 Hours $192.30
VE011-2015 Tethered Stylus Kit for CV30, 5-pack Ships in 24-48 Hours $54.27
VE011-2013 Wall Mount Cable Protector for CV30 Ships in 24-48 Hours $94.52
VE011-2011 Kit for 2455/CV30, Adapter Plate Ships in 24-48 Hours $147.58
VE011-2010 Screen Protector Kit Ships in 24-48 Hours $94.84
VE011-2003 Mounting Kit, Keyboard, Attach SM Keyboard VE011-2022 Ships in 24-48 Hours $70.37
935-005-001 User's Manual (for the CV30) Ships in 24-48 Hours $62.32
858-098-002 Barcode Swipe Reader (IR) for the CV30 Ships in 24-48 Hours $311.45
851-082-204 Universal Power supply (12V, Circ 5P, FWC5012 CEC/RoHS) Ships in 24-48 Hours $86.99
805-815-001 Desktop Mounting Kit, 1 1/2 Dual, Ball Mount Ships Today $210.19
805-813-001 Vehicle Mounting Kit for CV30, 1 1/2 Dual Mount Ships in 24-48 Hours $125.22
454-009-001 Universal Software, License (TE2000 Emulation, Software) Ships in 24-48 Hours $161.00
340-054-102 Keyboard (Rugged, QWERTY, 5250 and Xtrem Temp) for the CV30A Ships in 24-48 Hours $567.97
340-054-003 Keyboard (Rugged, QWERTY, WIN, DE15S, Backlit and USB) Connects to CV30 Ships Today $474.06
340-054-001 Keyboard, Rugged, QWERTY, 3270, DE-15S, Backlit, for the CV30. Ships Today $389.08
238-027-001 Upgrade Kit, Windows CE 5.0 Ships in 24-48 Hours $78.25
238-026-001 Upgrade Kit, Windows Mobile 5.0 Ships in 24-48 Hours $63.47
The Intermec CV 30 Accessories is also known as the Intermec Technologies CV 30 Accessories .
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