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Intermec IF2 RFID Reader

The Intermec IF2 is a compact, cost-effective network reader designed to support diverse RFID applications in both enterprise and industrial environments that require a scalable RFID system with a low cost per read point. The IF2 supports Power over Ethernet, four mono- or bi-static RF ports, built-in powered general purpose input output (GPIO) control, and both standards-based LLRP and Intermec's easy to use Basic Reader Interface (BRI) application interfaces, enabling scalable low-cost deployments for improved return on investment (ROI). The IF2 is packaged in a durable enclosure for nearly any environment and is factory configured to operate in regions across the globe.


IF2 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
IF2A000014 IF2 RFID Fixed Network Reader, IF2A, READER, RFID, IF2A READER, STD, 1 W 915, FCC Ships Today $933.93
Retail $1384
Save 32%
IF2A000022 IF2A, Std, 1W, 902-907.5, Bronzel Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,077.62
Retail $1384
Save 22%
IF2A000037 IF2, RFID READER ANTENNA, STANDARD MEMORY, Ethernet, ISREAL Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,117.85
Retail $1384
Save 19%
IF2A000039 IF2, RFID READER ANTENNA, STD, 4W921-928, N.ZEALAND Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,117.85
Retail $1384
Save 19%
IF2A010014 IF2, RFID READER, ADDITIONAL MEMORY, 1 W 915, FCC Ships Today $1,061.13
Retail $1491
Save 28%
The Intermec IF2 is also known as the Intermec Technologies IF2 .