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Intermec IT 36 RFID Tag

Intermec's rugged Low Profile Durable Asset Tags have been designed to provide superior performance and high durability on a variety of surfaces at a low cost. Utilizing the latest generation of Gen 2 silicon supporting 512 bits of user memory within a small, durable form factor, Intermec's Durable Asset Tags are suitable for tracking a wide variety of assets. The IT36 is tuned for a wide frequency band to include both FCC and ETSI regions and is optimized primarily for non-metal surfaces, such as reusable plastic containers and wooden and plastic pallets.
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IT36A0010 IT36 RFID Tag, IT36 Asset Tag (Univ Mnt, Gen2, Global, 10)
Ships in 3-5 Days
The Intermec IT 36 is also known as the Intermec Technologies IT 36 .