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Intermec CV 30

A, WMC, N/SD, 80C

This part is replaced by CV31A1APAC000000.
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Intermec CV 30 Terminal

The Intermec CV 30 rugged fixed mount computer provides flexibility and high-performance capabilities in a compact design that delivers real-time wireless supply chain management right where the data is - at the dock, in the freezer, on the warehouse floor, or in the yard. Incorporating the CV 30 into your warehousing or manufacturing operation will enhance efficiency, increase safety and improve operator performance and productivity. The CV 30 is engineered to withstand the abuse of industrial environments and to satisfy user demands that vehicle mount computers be as durable as forklifts. Its cast magnesium housing, standard heated display and solid state design provides protection exceeding industrial and military standards. The CV 30 thrives in harsh environments where dust, moisture or extreme temperatures are constants.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: CV30A0C100080C