PW40A10000 - Intermec PW40 Portable Bar code Printer

With the Bluetooth equipped PW40, mobile workers have the ability to begin printing while the 700 is away from the workboard. No longer needing to go back to a truck to or walk down an aisle to begin printing a ticket saves the driver valuable time. They can begin printing from up to 30 feet (10m) away. A vehicle charger option ensures an uninterrupted day's work in the field. With a patented sleep mode for battery conservation, the PW40 automatically activates itself when it senses data input. The PW40's rugged one-piece solution allows the user the convenience of a joined device, with a hand strap. Additionally, the user can charge both the printer and mobile computer with one charge source. The Intermec PW40 is fully compatible with the Intermec 6808, 681, 682 and 782 line of printers and is backed by a one year warranty.

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PW40A10000 Direct thermal, 203 dpi, 2 ips, 4" width, serial interface and card reader
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The Intermec PW40A10000 is also known as Intermec Technologies INT-PW40A10000 .