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Intermec Sabre 1550 Scanner

Intermec SR60 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Intermec SR60.
The Sabre 1550 increases operator performance via a user-friendly interface and durable construction. The Sabre 1550 includes a shield to protect the screen and a rubberized housing that can absorb up to a 6' drop. Each model comes with a user's manual.
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Sabre 1550 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
1550C5200 Sabre 1550, C Laser Scanner (RF, Non-Incendive) Check Availability Call for Details
1550C5100 Sabre 1550, Undecoded Scanner, Non-Incendive for JANUS Check Availability Call for Details
1550C0504 Sabre 1550, C Laser Scanner (Undecoded Interface, High Visibility and Trigger) Check Availability Call for Details
1550C0502 Sabre 1550, Undecoded, long range. Standard interface. Order cables separately. See accessories. Check Availability Call for Details
1550C0500 Sabre 1550, Standard range, Laser scanner, Undecoded, Standard interface Check Availability Call for Details
1550C0105 Sabre 1550, C Laser Scanner (Undecoded, High Density and Intermec Interface) Check Availability Call for Details
1550C0104 Sabre 1550, High visibility. Order cables separately. See accessories. Check Availability Call for Details
1550C0102 Sabre 1550, Long range. Order cables separately. See accessories. Check Availability Call for Details
1550C0101 Sabre 1550, Advanced long range. Order cables separately. See accessories. Check Availability Call for Details
1550C0100 Sabre 1550, Standard range. Order cables separately. See accessories. Check Availability Call for Details
069668 Sabre 1550, Kit, standard range. Kit includes scanner & 6 ft. 10-pin cable. Check Availability Call for Details


Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
068176 Wall mount holder for 155X scanners, Includes Quick Reference Guide
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Retail $140
Save 28%

Intermec Sabre 1550 Details

<<$mfg->name>> Sabre 1550 Scanner

  • Durable Sabre design withstands the harshest environments
  • Only 184 grams (6.5 ounces) for comfort and easy all day use
  • Choice of scan engine optics for application flexibility
  • Both decoded and undecoded versions available
  • Free EasySet® configuration utility makes initial set up a snap!
  • Three-year warranty guarantees customer satisfaction

Rough and tough aren’t usually equated with comfortable and lightweight. Unless you’re talking about the <<$mfg->name>> Sabre 1550 and 1551, that is. This hand held laser scanner is built to perform under the harshest of conditions—yet it’s ergonomically correct. For a built-in decoder option, see the Intermec 1551E. For a wireless solution, see the Intermec 1552.

First, durability: It’s the best in the market. Boasting plenty of rubber and a protected window, this rugged scanner can withstand repeated drops of up to 183 cm (6 feet), wind and rain, off road vehicle vibration levels and below freezing temperatures.

As far as design, operators will find the well-balanced scanner easy to use in either hand; large triggers and integrated sites make aiming a snap. Performance is just as impressive. Standard range versions can read 5 mil high-density code or 100 mil retroreflectivecode.

Setting up the 1551E scanner is a snap with EasySet a software utility for quick and easy configuration of Intermec scanners. No need to page through manuals to turn on application features, with point and click you can print a bar code that configures your scanner with a single scan. Every 1551E comes with EasySet configuration software free of charge.

Last but not least, this scanner is moderately priced and it comes with a three-year guarantee. Need we say more?

Physical Description <<$mfg->name>> Sabre 1550 Scanner Sabre 1551E Decoded Laser Scanner

Product Contents Scanner, Easy Set®, Operator’s Guide and Getting Started Guide

Warranty 3 years

Physical Characteristics Length: 8.9 cm (3.5") Height: 17.8 cm (7.0") Width: 5.6 cm (2.5") Weight: 185 g (6.5 oz.) without cable

Power 1550: -125 mA nominal at 5V 1551: -215 mA nominal at 5V

Terminal Connectivity - 1551 only RS-232c, IBM PC XT/AT or PS/2 30/50-80, DEC VT510/520, DEC VT220/320/420. Apple Mac ADB, RS232 TTL, IBM 3151/ 347X/317X/318X/319X, IBM Thinkpad, Esprit 200/400, Wyse, Zenith CruisePAD, laptops, and Intermec terminals.

Bar code Symbologies 1550: Undecoded device (dependent on decoder for scanning symbologies) 1551: UPC (E&A), EAN, Code 11, Code 39, Code 128, UCC EAN 128, ISBN, ISBT,

Scanning Performance Scan rate: 36±3 scans per second High Density Laser: 2 mil Standard Range Laser: 5 mil Long Range Laser: 10 mil

Scan RangeDependent on scan engine

Standard Range Laser Engine*: 5 mil/0.13 mm 8.1-14.5 cm 3.2-5.7" 7.5 mil/0.19 mm 7.4-22.6 cm 2.9-8.9" 10 mil/0.25 mm 6.1-34.0 cm 2.4-13.4" 15 mil/0.38 mm 6.1-46.7 cm 2.4-18.4" 20 mil/0.5 mm 8.9-62.2 cm 3.5-24.5" 40 mil/1.0 mm 11.4-99.1 cm 4.5-39" 55 mil/1.4 mm 17.8-124.5 cm 7-44" 55 mil/ 1.8 mm 91-242 cm 36-84" retro-reflective 100 mil/ 2.54 mm 112-226 cm 44-89" retro-reflective 100% UPC/EAN 2.5-38 cm 1-15"

Long Range Laser Engine*: 7.5 mil/0.19 mm 27-43 cm 11-17" 10 mil/ 0.25 mm 27.9-98.3 cm 11-19" 15 mil/0.38 mm 20.3-83.8 cm 8-33" 20 mil/0.5 mm 20.3-96.5 cm 8-38" 40 mil/1.0 mm 22.9-190.5 cm 9-75" 55 mil/1.4 mm 22.9-203 cm 9-80" 70 mil/1.8mm 104-150 cm 75-161" retro-reflective 100 mil/2.54 mm 210.8-530.9 cm 83-209" retro-reflective 100% UPC/EAN 27-70 cm 11-28"

Advanced Long Range Laser Engine*: 10 mil/0.25 mm 54-80 cm 21-32" 15 mil/0.38 mm 51-118 cm 20-47" 20 mil/0.5 mm 38-154 cm 15-61" 40 mil/1.0 mm 41-250 cm 16-99" 55 mil/1.4 mm 56-303 cm 21-120" 70 mil/1.8 mm 274-546 cm 108-216" retro-reflective 100 mil/2.54 mm 243-698 cm 96-276" retro-reflective 100% UPC/EAN 54-106 cm 21-42"

High Visibility Laser Engine*: 5 mil/0.13 mm 7.4-11.2 cm 2.9-4.4" 7.5 mil/0.19 mm 4.8-18.8 cm 1.9-7.4" 10 mil/0.25 mm 4.6-22.9 cm 1.8-9" 15 mil/0.38 mm 3.8-35.6 cm 1.5-14" 20 mil/0.5 mm 5.1-48.3 cm 2-19" 40 mil/1.0 mm 10.2-78.7 cm 4-31" 55 mil/1.4 mm 16.5-88.9 cm 6.5-35" 100% UPC/EAN 2.5-40 cm 1-16"

High Density Laser Engine*: 2 mil/0.05 mm 1.8-3.9 cm .7-1.8" 5 mil/0.13 mm 3.8-11.9cm 1.5-4.7" 7.5 mil/0.19 mm 2.5-15cm 1-6" 10 mil/0.25 mm 2.5-17 cm 1-7" 15 mil/0.38 mm 2.5-22 cm 1-9" 100% UPC/EAN 2.5-17 cm 1-7" *Depth of field measured using Code 39, ANSI Grade A

Print Contrast Standard range, high visibility: minimum 25% reflectance difference High density, long range: minimum 40% reflectance difference Skew: ±55° from normal Pitch: ±65° from normal

Optical Parameters Visible laser diode 670nm±10nm (standard range, high density) 650nm±10nm (Long range, high visibility, ALR) ALR: International Class 3A USA/Canada Class II All others: International Class 2

Ambient Light Immunity Immune to direct exposure from office level lighting and sunlight

Environmental Operating Temperature: - 30° to 50°C (-22° to 122°F) Storage Temperature: - 40° to 70°C (-40° to 168°F) Humidity: Non-condensing (0 - 95% RH) Drop Test: Twenty-six 1.8m (6') drops to concrete Sealed against rain and dust (IEC 529 rated at IP54) SAE off-road vehicle spec for vibration (Class 3)

<<$mfg->name>> Sabre 1550 Accessories Scanner Pouch, Holster and Belt, Vehicle Mount Holder, Wall Mount Holder and Desk Stand Holder

Regulatory Approvals UL listed UL 1950 and C22.2 no. 950; UL listed UL 1604 (Div. 2, Class I, II & III hazardous locations); TÜV Rheinland GS, EN 60950 & EN 60825-1; FCC Part 15; Canada, ICES-003, Class B; EN 55022/CISPR 22, Class B; EN 50082-1; Compliant with all European Directives, CE marked Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, Code 93, MSI Plessey, Telepen, ISBT 128

The Intermec Sabre 1550 is also known as the Intermec Technologies Sabre 1550 .