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Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic

POS Basic 10.0 upgrade - download - License Unlock - Need Primary License#

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Intuit QuickBooks POS POS Software

Intuit QuickBooks POS provides basic tools to help smaller stores easily track sales, inventory and customers. QuickBooks POS automatically adjusts your inventory every time you make a sale, order, or return - which helps you keep the most popular items on-hand without overstocking or selling out. Track customer contact info and purchase histories automatically. It's easy to stay in touch and use customer loyalty tools to keep them coming back for more. (NOTE: You must use Intuit Merchant Service to accept credit and debit payments within QuickBooks POS. If you have a different Merchant Service provider, it will not be integrated with QuickBooks. Please contact us for more information.)

Manufacturer part number: 431070