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ITW Linx towerMAX CAT5-75-RJ45

Protects One 4 Pair CAT5 Cable, RJ45 Connectors I/O, Solid State Self-Resetting Technology, 75V Clamping, UL Listed Primary & Isolated Loop

Surge Protector

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ITW Linx towerMAX CAT5-75-RJ45 Surge Protector

towerMAX CAT5-75-RJ45 from ITWLinx is a Category 5e solid-state building entrance protector with signal line surge protection and LAN circuit protection. Solid-state protection provides the fastest response to transient voltages (1-5 nanoseconds) by quickly diverting damaging surges to ground. It also features Signal Perfect Circuitry for auto-resetting surge protection for data networks, telephone and coax lines with RJ45 termination type. It offers expandable system protection using towerMAX Series Base Units.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: CAT5-75-RJ45