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ITW Linx towerMAX CAT6-LAN

Protects One 4 Pair CAT6 Cable, 110 Connectors I/O, Solid State Self-Resetting Technology, 16V Clamping, UL Listed Primary & Isolated Loop

Surge Protector

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ITW Linx towerMAX CAT6-LAN Surge Protector

towerMAX CAT6-LAN from ITWLinx features Category 6 solid-state building entrance protectors with LAN circuit protection. Solid-state protection provides the fastest response to transient voltages (1-5 nanoseconds) by quickly diverting damaging surges to ground. They also feature Signal Perfect Circuitry for auto-resetting surge protection for data networks, telephone and coax lines with 110 Punchdown termination type. They offer expandable system protection using towerMAX Series Base Units.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: CAT6-LAN