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ITW Linx towerMAX CO-4-110

Protects up to four lines, One 110 connector on the input, One 110 connector or four RJ-11 or RJ-14 jacks on the output, UL Listed Secondary

Surge Protector

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ITW Linx towerMAX CO-4-110 Surge Protector

ITWLinx's towerMAX CO-4-110 protects up to 4-pairs (8-wires) using 110 punchdown block on the input and 110 punchdown block, or four RJ-11, or two RJ-45 on the output. The modules can be attached to expand system protection as your system grows. Other notable characteristics include Telco circuit protection, Signal Perfect circuitry and auto-resetting PTCs. This equipment is ideal for the protection of telephone systems and fax machines.

Manufacturer part number: MCO4110