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ITW Linx towerMAX DS-25

Protects up to 25 2-wire digital station lines or up to 12 4-wire digital station lines using 50 pin, RJ21X (Amphenol) connectors, UL Listed Secondary

Surge Protector

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ITW Linx towerMAX DS-25 Surge Protector

ITWLinx's towerMAX DS-25 protects up to 25 2-wire or up to 12 4-wire digital stations lines using RJ-21X (Amphenol) connectors. The modules can be attached to expand system protection as your system grows. Other notable characteristics include Telco circuit protection, Signal Perfect circuitry, auto-resetting PTCs and metallic and longitudinal suppression modes. These equipments are ideal for the protection of telephone systems and fax machines.

Manufacturer part number: MDS25