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Juniper Systems TK 6000 Hand Held Computer

The TK6000 combines ruggedness, field service, and expandability bringing you a unique rugged handheld for your data acquisition needs. More than a rugged handheld, the TK6000 is a mobile platform specially designed for you, the OEM solution provider or the field worker. Discover how you can customize the TK6000 for your specific needs.
TK 6000 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
TK6-1 TK6000, 128MB/1GB Ships Free Today $2,674.70
TK6-2 TK6000, 128MB/1GB with Bluetooth and N. Am. Wi-Fi Ships Free Today $3,060.24
TK6-3 TK6000, 128MB/1GB with Bluetooth and WW/EU Wi-Fi Ships Free Today $3,060.24