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Juniper Antivirus Software (vGW Virtual Gateway) is a comprehensive virtualization security solution that includes a high-performance, hypervisor-based stateful firewall, integrated intrusion detection system (IDS), and virtualization-specific antivirus for complete virtual network protection.
Antivirus Software Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
VGW-AV-ADD-10 Antivirus Software, 1 Year ANTIVIRUS SUBS 10 CPU SOC VGW-AV-ADD-10 Ships Free Today $7,000.00
VGW-AV-ADD-2 Antivirus Software, 1 Year ANTIVIRUS SUBS FOR 2 CPU VGW-AV-ADD-2 Ships Free Today $1,400.00
VGW-AV-ADD-20 Antivirus Software, 1 Year AntiVirus subsc FOR 20 CP VGW-AV-ADD-20 Ships Free Today $14,000.00
VGW-IDS-ADD-10 Antivirus Software, 1 Year IDS SUBS 10 CPU Sockets VGW-IDS-ADD-10 Ships Free Today $4,000.00
VGW-IDS-ADD-2 Antivirus Software, One year IDS subscription for VGW-IDS-ADD-2 Ships Free Today $800.00