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Juniper EX4500

The EX4500 include a new class of secure, scalable and always-on enterprise switch that advances the economics of networking by enabling businesses to deploy innovative new technologies that increase revenue and improve productivity. The Juniper EX4500 line of Ethernet switches with Virtual Chassis technology combine the compact, payas- you-grow economics and low power and cooling requirements of stackable switches with the performance, availability, operational ease and port densities of chassis-based platforms to meet the demands of today"s highperformance enterprises.
EX4500 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
EX4500-40F-VC1-DC EX4500, Ethernet Switch (CONVGD Switch DC Power, EX4500-40F-VC1-DC) Ships Free Today $31,500.00
EX4500-40F-VC1-FB EX4500, Ethernet Switch (40 Port, 1/10G SFP CONV EX4500-40F-VC1-FB) Ships Free Today $22,555.56
EX4500-VC1-128G EX4500, Ethernet Switch (128G Virtual Chassis EX4500 EX4500-VC1-128G) Ships Free Today $2,333.33
EX4500-40F-DC-C EX4500, Ethernet Switch (40 Port, 1/10G SFP 1200W EX4500-40F-DC-C) Check Availability Call for Details
EX4500-40F-BF-C EX4500, Ethernet Switch (40 Port, 10G SFP EX4500-40F-BF-C) Check Availability Call for Details