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Loftware RFID Premier Package

(Includes: 1 Loftware Print Server, Premier Edition, RFID Module, Four Client Seats, One Terminal Server Seat, One Extra Design Key and Ten Printer Seats of which Five can be RFID)

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Loftware PremierPlus RFID RFID Software

Loftware's new PremierPlus RFID is so easy to use, given an RFID printer and the appropriate label stock, users can start producing RFID labels almost immediately and go right into production on a massive scale. The PremierPlus RFID program's intuitive graphical user interface and extensive documentation combine to accelerate label design, even for those with limited knowledge of RFID technology. Users can start from scratch or convert existing bar code labels.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: 030756NTERFID