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Loftware Print Server Standard Edition 10 Bar code Software

The Print Server Standard Edition 10 features a 1-yr renewable customer product-support agreement, with continual upgrade availability and tech support. It supports use on eight printers and by two end users.
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Print Server Standard Edition 10 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
030756NTE LPS Premiere, 10 Printer Seats and 4 Client Seats - expandable to 500 printer seats, requires (Part# 030756NTE AC)
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
030756NT02-UP lps Print Server 10, LPS 2000-02 Starter Edition Upgrade (2 Printer-1 Client)
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
030756NT-UP lps Print Server 10, LPS 2000 Print Server Upgrade (8 Printer Seats-2 Client Seats)
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
030756NT-ACS lps Print Server 10, LPS2000 Additional Client Seat
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
Retail $280
Save 33%
030756NT-TS PrintServerStandardEdition10, LPS TERMINAL SERVE SEAT
Ships Free in 3-5 Days
LPS2UP-2 lps Print Server 10, LPS 2000-02 Starter Edition Double Upgrade (2 Printer-1 Client) Check Availability Call for Details
030756NT-APS Print Server Standard Edition 10, Additional Printer Seat. Check Availability Call for Details
030756NT Print Server Standard Edition 10, Includes one year full support contract. Check Availability Call for Details

Loftware Print Server Standard Edition 10 Details

The Loftware Print Server

The Loftware Print Server gives you the power to drive bar code labels to hundreds of different printers – simultaneously across your network, via the Internet or to wireless devices. Built to meet the heavy demands of supply chain production environments, the Loftware Print Server (LPS) is an application bridge, sometimes referred to as “middleware”. Its primary function is to allow disparate host applications to talk to proprietary hardware platforms.

Server-Centric Technology

The LPS is a server-centric solution that runs a single server or high-powered PC workstation. Like a gatekeeper, the LPS manages bar code print requests between applications and networked printers. You can mix and match printer types and models, and use a variety of connection methods on the same system. The greatest benefit of server-centric technology is the centralization of tasks. Not only will you drastically reduce system maintenance you’ll have optimal control over your entire system!

The Integrators Choice

The LPS’s open architecture and modular design allow for seamless integration with today’s global enterprise applications. However, you’ll also find there are times when Loftware is invisible. It’s quietly working behind the scenes, driving labels to hundreds of printers, while a third party application gets all the credit. And that’s just fine with us. When it comes to integration, third party solution providers choose Loftware for its reliability, connectivity options and robust print engine.

NEW! Enterprise Application Connectors

It is essential for today’s software to be able to communicate across many platforms. Our new Application Connectors are licensed with the Loftware Enterprise Print Server (LPSe) solution. These new connectors allow you to bridge WMS, ERP and other supply chain enterprise applications directly to label printing and install in just minutes. Eliminate months of custom programming or writing special applicationS. | Learn More |

Advanced Symbologies

The Loftware Print Server meets the demand requirements for the latest label compliance requirements like UPS' Compressed MaxiCode Smart Label, GM 1724 label format, TCIF labeling specification and more. If you need to meet a specific compliance requirement take a look at our supported symbologies list. Chances are good the symbology is on our list, but if you are not sure, call our Systems Analysts to get clarification at 207-363-3195. Loftware is continuously adding new symbologies to meet requirements for automotive, retail, shipping/logistics, healthcare, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Advanced Features

Thin on-demand print client, ActiveX client control, error detection and recovery, event logging, extended International language support and other enterprise features included in the LPS help you to manage your operation most efficiently. The LPS gives you all the tools you need to maintain your system and keep your operation running at optimal performance.

Loftware Print Server - Standard Edition

The Loftware Print Server, Standard Edition comes with eight (8) printer seats and two (2) client seats. This edition is expandable to 500 printer seats. The purchase of the Loftware Print Server includes a one-year renewable support contract, which features on-going software upgrades and unlimited technical support from Loftware's Technical Support Call Center.


The Loftware Print Server Standard Edition 10 is also known as the Loft Ware Print Server Standard Edition 10 .