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The LS-9000 module is the latest version of the classic Logic Net. It is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today's kitchen operating environments. Logic-Controls's Logic Net solution has been widely regarded as the most reliable Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) hardware solution. It has been deployed by some of the largest restaurant chains in the world as well as thousands of small local restaurants. The LS-9000 model is a very compact, low powered operation with low internal temperature rise. The hardware is simple, with an SD Card and no moving parts. The LS-9000 consumes less than 1.5 watts of power, ideal for reliable operation in the hot kitchen. In addition, the module is tamper proof, without on/off or selection switches and no adjustable devices.
LS-9000 Options
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LS9000 LS9000, ARM 9 Over Linux OS, Ventless/Fanless, 1G SD Card, 8MB Data Flash, 128MB RAM, Compatible with LS/LM3000 & LS6000, Multi-Lang, 1024X768 RES, ERDS Support. Check Availability Call for Details
The Logic Controls LS-9000 is also known as the LogicControls LS-9000 .