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Logic Controls KB3000 Programmable Keypad

Programmable Keypad, 176 Keys, PS/2 Connector. Color: beige.


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Logic Controls KB3000 Programmable Keypad Keyboard

The KB3000 Programmable Keypad, the ultimate in reliability and programmability, should be your first choice in keypads. Logic Controls replaced the conventional plastic sheet membrane and conductive ink traces with a state-of-the-art rigid PC board, gold plated lands, and stainless steel tactile dome disks. The keypad operates with or without a computer keyboard being attached. Features include: programmable alphanumeric, control, and function character, multi-level key definition, programmable inter-string delay, and a one-piece steel case. No programming kit, battery, or TSR program required.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: KB3000-PS2