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Logic Controls KB5000 Programmable Keyboard

Programmable Keyboard, 66 Full-Travel Keys, Wedge Connector, Integrated MSR, with PS/2 Cables. Color: black.

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Logic Controls KB5000 Programmable Keyboard Keyboard

The KB5000 Programmable Keyboard, is a 66 key fully programmable keyboard. The keys are true full travel mechanical switches. The two position programmable key lock adds another level of security, vital in many retail applications. An optional built-in two-track credit card reader is also available (KB5000 Programmable Keyboard M). Features include: programmable alphanumeric, control, and function characters, multi-level definition, and programmable inter-string delay. Operates with or without a computer keyboard being attached. Requires no TSR program or programming kit. Available with RS-232C output.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: KB5000M-PS2