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Logic Controls KB5000 Programmable Keyboard

Programmable Keyboard, 66 Full-Travel Keys, Wedge Connector, Integrated MSR, with PS/2 Cables. Color: black.

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Logic Controls KB5000 Programmable Keyboard Keyboard

The KB5000 Programmable Keyboard keyboard assures you years of trouble-free service because of the quality of its construction, components and testing. The Logic Controls KB5000 is so durable that each of its keys will function to at least ten million cycles. Some of the KB5000 Programmable Keyboard functions are: Spill resistant covered keys, 66 key with convenient key configuration, Integral Magnetic Stripe Reader is available, All keys both relegendable and programmable Mechanical key switches for greater reliability, Multiple layers of key definitions and shift levels,

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: KB5000M-PS2