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Logic Controls PD3000

RS-232, 2 line x 20 column, Green vacuum fluorescent display, 5 mm Character Height, Auto Scroll, Manual, Mounting Plate, Power Adapter, and 6 ft. Cable. Color: Beige.

Pole Display
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Logic Controls PD3000 Pole Display

PD3000 Pole Display (2 x 20 Display, Logic Controls Command Set, Mounting Plate and 120 VAC Adapter) The PD3000 is a 2-line 20-character Pole Display that solve the classic I wish I had an extra I/O port problem, by using our data pass-through data capabilities. Logic Controls' data pass-through process allows connection of multiple pole displays, cash drawers, printers and other devices to a single output port. In the pass through mode, a pole display monitors the incoming data, then decides to display the data or pass it to the next down-stream device. Bright blue / green vacuum fluorescent characters are enhanced with an optical filter for better contrast and easier viewing. All standard Displays support moving sign advertisements during periods of inactivity with a single message download, eliminating constant application software refreshing.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: PD3000-BG