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Logic Controls SB9100 POS Touch Computer

The Logic-Controls SB9100 is a new take on a high powered, low footprint, POS terminal designed for retail and hospitality applications and is one of the best values in the industry. The SB9100 utilizes unique security keys for each unit to ensure the protection of the valuable information stored on your system. This allows business owners to make sure employees cannot access to the power button, HDD, and/or Flash Card Drive. The SB9100 features a unique metal housing that is much stronger and durable than competitive plastic housing computers. The Intel 2.2 GHz Celeron Dual Core processor has the ability to process multiple applications at once at incredibly quick speeds make the seamless operation of your business a cinch! The SB9100 features easy-to-access microphone and headset ports as well as two USB ports located conveniently underneath the front cover.
SB9100 Options
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SB-9100 SB9100, Intel 2.2 GHz Celeron/Dual Core, DDR2 RAM x 2, up to 2GB, 1x parallel, 4x serial, 4x USB, 2 x RJ-11 port. OS Support: DOS/Windows XP/Windows 7/WEPOS/POSReady 2009. Check Availability Call for Details
The Logic Controls SB9100 is also known as the LogicControls SB9100 .