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Cords and Cables for LXE products.



Cables Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
8500A052CBL9LEMO Cable Assembly, 9 ft., LEMO For LS3408 Ships Today $286.65
9000A066CBLPWRAC AC Power Cable, US Ships Today $18.35
6000A282ANT6INDSPR-R Antenna (6dBi Industrial Spire Omni Radom, Bracket, 30 Cable) Ships Today $220.94
Retail $275
Save 19%
AIR-PWRINJ3 This part is replaced by AIR-PWRINJ3=.
Wireless Accessories, Single Port In-Line Power Inserter
See Replacement Call for Details
8611A901SRLLASER 8600 Series, 8611 Series Barcode scanner (SR Laser Ring Scanner for Quick Disconnect Ad, Long Cable) for the HX2 Ships in 24-48 Hours $603.74
Retail $929.25
Save 35%
HX1A054YMICCABLE Replacement Splitter Cable (for Walki-Talkie with Remote) for the HX1 Ships Today $55.05
Retail $81.90
Save 32%
155013-0001 Bare wire, 12V power cable for a VX1 Ships Today $68.31
6000283ANTENNA Antenna (3dBi Industrial Spire Omni, Radome, Bracket, 30 Cable) Ships Today $220.94
Retail $275
Save 19%
520L-12-S3 12V Scanner Heater with Cable Retractor Ships in 24-48 Hours $574.84
Retail $858.90
Save 33%
8621901RINGSCR 8600 Series, 8621 Series Barcode scanner (2D Imager Ring Imager Scaner, Long Cable with Quick Disconnect) Ships in 24-48 Hours $826.78
Retail $1244.25
Save 33%
9000302PWRSPLY Power Adapter (60-110V DC Input to 12V DC Output, Includes Cable) Ships in 24-48 Hours $318.21
Retail $515.55
Save 38%
9000098CABLE Cable (USB, A/B Plug, Black) Ships Today $18.35
9000094CABLE Cable, AC Power Cable (C14 Type, Britis 3-Blade) Ships in 24-48 Hours $19.44
9000095CABLE-EUROPLU Cable, (9000095CABLE-EUROPLUG) Ships in 24-48 Hours $19.44
9000090CABLE Accessories, ABLE, POWER, AC, C14 TYPE, SCHUKO EUROPEAN), CEE 7/5, FOR POWER Ships in 24-48 Hours $12.99
AIR-CONCAB1200=@ Universal Wireless Accessories, AIR-CONCAB1200= Console/Auxiliary Port Cable Ships in 24-48 Hours $17.23
8620901RINGSCR 2D IMAGER RING FOR ARMBAND SHORT Cable SE 4400 Ships Today $789.71
Retail $1191.75
Save 33%
9000072CABLE Cable, COMBO, 1 ft. DUAL PS/2 ADAPTR, D9 TO DUAL MIN-DIN Ships in 24-48 Hours $45.55
Retail $64
Save 28%
9000077CABLE Cable, 1 FT, ADAPTR, POWER, VX1, VX2, VX4, VX6, VX7 Ships in 24-48 Hours $71.61
Retail $107
Save 33%
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