MX8A2B2D1B1B0US - LXE MX8 Hand Held Computer

The MX8 handheld computer is an effective data-collection device for almost any conceivable distribution task. It's a particularly good fit for scan-intensive activities, and the 2D-imager option works well in manufacturing environments. The MX8 also gives LXE a strong entry into the retail storefront. The reality is that the MX8 device truly excels in a wide range of supply chain and retail operations because it's small and lightweight, yet rugged enough to take a beating.

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MX8A2B2D1B1B0US MX8 Wireless Handheld Computer, (802.11a/b/g, Short SE955/32 ANSI, 128/128, Windows CE 5.0, RF Term, QVGA, IN A)
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The LXE MX8A2B2D1B1B0US is also known as LXE-MX8A2B2D1B1B0US .