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MS 6130 cordless hand-held laser bar code scanner combines superior automatic scanning with the convenience of cordless portability. The MS 6130 provides an affordable alternative to conventional cabled devices: one-way wireless data communication. With an operating range of 9.1 meters (30'), mobility is no longer inhibited by restrictive cables.

As with all Metrologic hand-held scanners, the MS 6130 delivers unsurpassed performance and reliability. At the heart of the MS 6130 is Metrologic's IS4120 ScanQuest engine, featuring patented automatic activation and the latest in scanning technology for fast, accurate reading. As the scanner is presented to bar code items, they are automatically sensed and scanned. Complete with an adjustable charging stand and remote MX003 Liberty receiver, the MS 6130 includes everything needed to experience the convenience of cordless scanning.

Incorporating the latest wireless technology, Metrologic has engineered a safe, versatile system which requires no special operating license. Using a patented control scheme, the MS 6130 exhibits very low power consumption for extended battery life.

The Metrologic MS 6130 is also known as the Metrologic Instruments MS 6130 .