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Metrologic SP2550 Navigator Hand Held Computer

Honeywell ScanPal2 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Honeywell ScanPal2.
The SP2550 Navigator is a compact portable data terminal (PDT). The high-resolution LCD display allows the SP2550 Navigator to show sharp, clear bitmap images while supporting all Windows recognized font types and sizes. With the auto back-lit feature, the brightness adjusts automatically making the screen easy to read in all light conditions.
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Metrologic SP2550 Navigator Details

  • 2MB RAM capable of storing over 100,000 records
  • Easy to use Application Generator and download software (included)
  • Crisp auto-backlit LCD display
  • SP2550 Navigator Supports 'C' programming
  • Built-in laser bar code scan engine
  • Two 'AAA' batteries provide over 100 hours of operation
  • SP2550 Navigator 's Optional rechargeable Li-Ion battery
The Metrologic SP2550 Navigator is also known as the Metrologic Instruments SP2550 Navigator .