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Microscan MS3 CCD Scanner

At 270 decodes per second, the MS3 CCD offers the best read performance in its class of embedded compact CCD readers. Advanced CCD technology coupled with our proprietary algorithms makes reading small, damaged, or poorly printed symbols routine. The ultra-compact size and wide read angle allow for flexible mounting and positioning when embedded into OEM instruments.
MS3 CCD Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
FIS-0003-1004 MS3 CCD, CCD, HIGH DENSITY, RIGHT ANGLE Check Availability Call for Details
FIS-0003-1003 MS3 CCD, High Density CCD Check Availability Call for Details
FIS-0003-1002 MS3 CCD, CCD, STANDARD, RIGHT ANGLE Check Availability Call for Details
FIS-0003-1001 MS3 CCD, Standard Density CCD Check Availability Call for Details

Microscan MS3 CCD Details

MS-3 Family of Small Scanners MS-3 Laser MS-3 CCD/Engine Designed for embedded applications, the MS-3 series meets demanding space and budget requirements while offering an exceptional feature-set. The MS-3 series provides exceptional versatility in size and functionality.

MS-3 Laser The MS-3 Laser scanner is the performance leader in Microscan’s MS-3 trio that also includes the MS-3 CCD and the MS-3 Engine. Features: - Scans/second: up to 1,000 - Read range: 2 to 10" (51 to 254 mm) - Extensive software options - Push-button set up - Read performance LEDs - Internal diagnostics MS-3 CCD/Engine The MS-3 CCD excels at difficult symbols and is offered in our smallest scanner size. The MS-3 Engine is the base model offering fewer features than the CCD and Laser options but at considerable budget savings. No software, outer case, or power supply provided. Features: - Scans/second: 270 - Read range: 1 to 16" (25 to 406 mm)

The Microscan MS3 CCD is also known as the Microscan Systems MS3 CCD .