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The Microscan MS3 Engine has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

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Microscan MS3 Engine Details

MS-3 Family of Small Scanners MS-3 Laser MS-3 CCD/Engine Designed for embedded applications, the MS-3 series meets demanding space and budget requirements while offering an exceptional feature-set. The MS-3 series provides exceptional versatility in size and functionality.

MS-3 Laser The MS-3 Laser scanner is the performance leader in Microscan’s MS-3 trio that also includes the MS-3 CCD and the MS-3 Engine. Features: - Scans/second: up to 1,000 - Read range: 2 to 10" (51 to 254 mm) - Extensive software options - Push-button set up - Read performance LEDs - Internal diagnostics MS-3 CCD/Engine The MS-3 CCD excels at difficult symbols and is offered in our smallest scanner size. The MS-3 Engine is the base model offering fewer features than the CCD and Laser options but at considerable budget savings. No software, outer case, or power supply provided. Features: - Scans/second: 270 - Read range: 1 to 16" (25 to 406 mm)

The Microscan MS3 Engine is also known as the Microscan Systems MS3 Engine .