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FIS-0004-0001G MS4, Standard Density, RS-232,5VDC Ships in 3-6 days $935.00
FIS-0004-0002G MS4, Low Density, RS-232,5VDC Ships in 3-6 days $935.00
FIS-0004-0003G MS4, Standard Density, USB Ships in 3-6 days $935.00
FIS-0004-0004G MS4, Low Density, USB Ships in 3-6 days $935.00
FIS-0004-1001G MS-4 Imager, MS-4 EZ MATCH, 3MP, COLOR, LD, 232/422/485 Ships in 24-48 Hours $3,300.00

Microscan MS4 Details

The MS4 is designed specifically for embedded bar code applications. It is the ideal imager for OEM design engineers who need to read 2D codes in tight spaces, while still requiring 100% data integrity.

Currently the world's smallest high resolution imager, the MS4's ultra-compact size and wide angle optics provide the widest scan window available for reading any code at close range. EZ button setup, symbol locator, and visible performance indicators provide ease of use while omni directional reading and form factor allow for positioning flexibility.

 Up to 10 decodes/second
 Read range: 2 to 6" (50.8 to 152.4 mm)
 Read performance LEDs
 Internal diagnostics

Compact Shape and Size
MS4 is the world's smallest high performance imager, measuring 1" (25.2 mm) height x 1.8" (45.7 mm) width x 2.10" (53.3) length and weighs less than 2 ounces (57 g).

Omni-Directional Reading
Decodes linear bar codes or 2D codes in any orientation. Compact shape and omni directional reading allow for flexible positioning, with no need to plan for laser line alignment.

Wide Field of View
Wide scan window allows linear and 2D codes to be read as close as 1" (25.2 mm).

Real-Time Controls
The inputs include a trigger signal, a ?new master" input, and a programmable input for resetting counters or releasing outputs. The outputs can be configured to activate upon a number of conditions including matchcode and diagnostic operations.

High Data Level Output

2D codes have a high level of data capacity storage and the MS4 maintains high decode speed to output large amounts of data in milliseconds.

Mounting Flexibility
The MS4's compact size, right angle mirror option, and design features such as the cable's corner positioning conserve cubic space to create the tightest fit possible within instrumentation and equipment.

Push-Button Setup
The EZ button is a powerful setup feature. Three programmable positions can be used to quickly perform complex tasks. EZ button user-selectable functions include:
 Read Rate
 Save for Power-on
 Load New Master
 Sleep Mode

Performance LEDs
To streamline the setup process, multicolored LEDs, in conjunction with a programmable beeper, provide instant notification of a successful "read." The LEDs also provide a visual read rate test.


2D Symbologies


RSS (linear & stacked)

Micro PDF


Code 39

Code 128

Code 93



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The Microscan MS4 is also known as the Microscan Systems MS4 .