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Microscan MS-Connect 210

The Microscan MS-Connect 210 can connect to a host using serial or Ethernet connection. Ethernet TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP protocols are available out of the box. The MS-Connect 210 also provides two lines of decoded information, the optional display is very bright and easy to read. The practical design has four access holes located on the box which allows users quick, easy, and clean wiring of inputs and outputs. Mounting is simplified with four accessible through holes for mounting screws and an optional plate is available for easy DIN rail mounting. These features along with others, make the MS-Connect 210 the ideal industrial connectivity option.


MS-Connect 210 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
FIS-0210-0001G MS-Connect 210, Connectivity Box with Display Ships Free Today $879.00
FIS-0210-0002G MS-Connect 210, Connectivity Box Ships Free Today $599.00
FIS-0210-0003G MS-Connect 210, Connectivity Box with Display and Ethernet Ships Free Today $999.00
FIS-0210-0004G MS-Connect 210, Connectivity Box with Ethernet Ships Free Today $879.00
FIS-5100-0001G MS-Connect 5100, Enhanced Multidrop Concentrator Ships Free Today $1,095.00
The Microscan MS-Connect 210 is also known as the Microscan Systems MS-Connect 210 .