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Microscan QX Hawk

QX-Hawk industrial imager, SXGA CCD, 30 degree lens, RS-232/Ethernet


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Microscan QX Hawk Scanner

The Microscan QX Hawk is the first high-performance reader with the flexibility to read any mark at any distance and speed in any environment. Advanced imaging technology, including patent-pending liquid lens autofocus modular zoom optics, means automation engineers need not research multiple configuration options before deployment. The QX Hawk reads any mark - from a high-density 3.3 mil Data Matrix or a very large linear code to a low-contrast, direct part mark (DPM). It has a high-resolution, modular, optical-zoom system, which combined with liquid lens autofocus enables a single reader to handle almost any ID application. With the ability to read more than 60 codes/sec, the Microscan QX Hawk can keep up with almost any high-speed application.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: FIS-6801-1200G