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The Motorola LS3478 ER is a new, rugged wireless bar code scanner with extended range capabilities, meaning bar codes can be read from up to 45 feet away. Warehouses, industrial facilities and retail stockrooms require higher standards of dirt and moisture protection, so the LS3478 ER was designed with an IP65-rated seal, keeping the electronics performing properly for years. The LS3478 ER reads all linear bar code, has a comfortable grip and features both bright LED and beeper positive scan notifications - never worry you missed a scan again!
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LS3478 ER Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
LS3478-ERBU0100U LS3478 ER, Scanner with Radio/Charging Cradle, 7 ft. Straight USB Cable and US Power supply. See Replacement Call for Details
LS3478-ERBR0100U LS3478 ER, Scanner with Radio/Charging Cradle, 7 ft. straight RS-232 cable and US power supply. See Replacement Call for Details
LS3478-ER20005WW LS3478 ER, Scanner only (Bluetooth, Extra Range, M-Interface, Cordless Scanner and CL 2) - Color: Yellow. Cradle and cables not included. See accessories. See Replacement Call for Details
LS3478-ER20005WR LS3478 ER, Scanner only (Bluetooth, Extra Range, M-Interface, Cordless Scanner and CL 2) - Color: Yellow. Cradle and cables not included. See accessories. See Replacement Call for Details
LS3478-ERBU0100UR LS3478 ER, Scanner with Radio/Charging Cradle, 7 ft. Straight USB Cable and US Power supply. Check Availability Call for Details
LS3478-ERBR0100UR LS3478 ER, Scanner with Radio/Charging Cradle, 7 ft. straight RS-232 cable and US power supply. Check Availability Call for Details


Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
50-16000-182R AC Power Line Cord, 2 Wire, 6', ungrounded, NEMA 1-15P Plug. (For use with 2 Wire, ungrounded Power Supplies) Ships Free Today $12.84
BTRY-LS34IAB00-00 Spare battery for LS3478, LS3578, DS3478 and DS3578 Ships Free Today $38.44
Retail $50
Save 23%
25-71918-01R Cable, Assembly, 9 ft, Extended, Coiled. Connects LS34XX to the VC5090. Non-standard USB, call for more information. Ships Free Today $66.88
Retail $100
Save 33%
25-54956-02R Power adapter cable, Connects DC Power supply (Part# PWRS-14000-122) to forklift cradle. Ships Free Today $54.37
Retail $78
Save 30%
STB3508-C0007R STB3508 Cradle, Charge Only Cradle (No Communication), Compatible with LS3578 and DS3578. Cradle Only. Power supply and US AC line cord must be purchased separately. Ships Free Today $83.62
Retail $125
Save 33%
PWR-BGA9V18W0WW Universal Power Supply, 9v D/C, 100-250v A/C. Requires Line Cord (P/N 50-16000-182R). Ships Free Today $33.32
Retail $41
Save 18%

Motorola LS3478 ER Details

Capture bar codes over a wide range of distances

With the rugged cordless LS3478 ER scanner, you get the greatest working range of any available rugged scanner. You'll speed processes by allowing your employees to scan items on pallets as close as 4 inches (10 centimeters) away and shelves as far away as 45 feet (13.7 meters). In addition, your employees will be able to quickly switch from reading bar codes on inventory to capturing smaller symbologies on bar code menus and pick lists.

In the yard, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant or retail store, these cordless handheld devices offer superior performance and reliability as well as a user-friendly form factor to help your employees comfortably operate the scanner even over eight-hour shifts. Multiple on-board interfaces ensure you'll be able to use the data capture devices with existing hosts, while giving you the flexibility to upgrade your systems without having to buy new scanners. You'll lay the foundation for an advanced data capture solution that grows with you as your business needs evolve.

Eliminate the cord, not performance

Your warehouse, manufacturing and even retail employees operate more efficiently when you eliminate the cable between the device and the host. Your forklift operator is able to drive to an aisle, scan a pallet up to 45 feet away and capture the data, without being cabled to the host. You save time and keep supply chain inventory up to date at all times. And, you've probably noticed the cable is a common point of failure in handheld devices operating in industrial facilities. Having no cord translates into less downtime from cable breakdowns.

Minimize equipment downtime

As innovative as it is rugged, the LS3478 ER delivers ergonomic and operational features for scan-intensive industrial applications under the harshest operating conditions. During industry tumble tests, it continued to provide reliable performance when subjected to multiple 6.5-foot (2-meter) drops to concrete. An IP65-rated seal makes it impervious to dust and water, and its exit window is scratch-resistant and recessed for the highest level of durability. As a result, you avoid unnecessary equipment downtime or expensive equipment replacement costs.

Provide versatility for your industrial applications

When you require quick scanner access and convenient out-of-the-way storage, such as on a forklift within a warehouse, the LS3478 ER features a built-in metal hook for attachment to a pulley. Workers will be able to access the scanner easily and stow it quickly when they're finished. 

Working around noisy machinery or in poorly lit areas, your operators aren't always able to see or hear scanner feedback to quickly determine if the scans have completed. Bright LEDs and an adjustable-volume beeper on the LS3478 ER ensure that decode feedback is clearly visible and audible to users, saving valuable worker time.



Flexible working range: 4 in. (10cm) to 45 ft. (13.7 m)

Allows workers to scan items at varying distances without having to move, reducing fatigue and speeding task completion

Cordless scanning

Enables real-time bar code data collection unrestricted by a cable, reducing repairs made necessary by cable failure

Rugged design withstands multiple 6.5-ft. (2-m) drops to concrete; 2,500 3.5-ft. (1-m) tumbles (5,000 hits)

Ensures maximum reliability with less downtime resulting from accidental drops

IP65-rated seal (electronic enclosure)

Protects against water and dust to ensure reliable performance in harsh industrial conditions, reducing unplanned downtime because of equipment failure

Bright LED and beeper with adjustable volume

Ensure positive user feedback in noisy environments with multiple modes of confirmation, so employees don't waste time trying to determine if a scan has been completed

Multi-point communication

Four scanners communicate to a single cradle for increased productivity

Bright 650 nm laser aiming dot

Delivers clearly visible line for more accurate scanning

Universal cable set

Allows for easy replacement and upgrades

Multiple on-board interfaces

Ensures flexible connectivity with different hosts, enabling you to maximize use of your existing technology

LS3478 ER Specification Highlights

Physical Characteristics


7.34 in. L x 4.82 in. W x 2.93 in.
D (18.65 cm H x 12.25 cm W x 7.43 cm D)


(including LiON battery) 14.8 oz. (420 gm)


2200 mAh Lithium Ion Battery

Battery charge time:

Fully charged (100%) in 3 hours


Twilight Black and Yellow


Performance Characteristics

Scanner type:


Light Source:

650 nm visible laser diode

Scan repetition:

36 scans per second typical

Minimum element width:

7.5 mil (0.191 mm)

Nominal working distance:

See decode zone

Print contrast:

25% minimum reflective difference

Roll (Tilt):

+/- 10 degrees from normal


+/- 65 degrees from normal

Skew (Yaw):

+/- 60 degrees from normal

Decode capability:

UPC.EAN, UPC.EAN with Supplemental, UCC.EAN 128, JAN 8 & 13, Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 39 Trioptic, Code 128, Code 128 Full ASCII, Codabar (NW7), Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Code 93, MSI, Code 11, Code 32, Bookland EAN, IATA, UCC/EAN RSS and RSS variants

Interfaces supported:

RS232, Keyboard Wedge, Wand Emulation, Scanner Emulation, IBM 468X/469X, USB and Synapse

User Environment

Operating Temperature:

-4° to 122°F (-20° to 50°C)

Storage Temperature:

 -40° to 140°F (-40° to 60°C)


5% to 95% noncondensing


Sealed to IP65 specifications

Drop specifications:

Unit functions normally after repeated 6.5-ft. (2-m) drops to concrete

Ambient Light Immunity:

Immune to direct exposure of normal office and factory lighting conditions, as well as direct exposure to sunlight:
Indoor: 450 foot candles/4,842 LUX
Outdoor: 4,000 foot candles/43,040 LUX

Electrostatic discharge:

Conforms to 15 kV air discharge and 8 kV of contact discharge


STB 3408 and FLB 3408

STB 3478 and FLB 3478

Power requirements: 

 4.75 ? 14 VDC

4.75 ? 14 VDC

Typical current draw

Not charging 

10 mA

105 mA @5V
45 mA @9V>

Fast rate charge 

915 mA @5V
660 mA @9V

915 mA @5V
660 mA @9V

Slow rate charge

480 mA @5V
345 mA @9V

480 mA @5V
345 mA @9V

Radio link


Bluetooth class 1 (2.4 GHz), Class 2

Radio specification

Radio range:

100 meters direct line of sight. Adaptive frequency hopping allows co-existence with 802.11


2.4 GHz


Input transient protection:

IEC 1000-4-(2,3,4,5,6,11)


FCC Part 15 Class B, ICES-003 Class B, European Union EMC Directive, Japan VCCI/MITI/Dentori

Laser safety:

IEC825-1 Class 2


The LS3478 ER is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 3 years (36 months) from date of shipment, provided that the product remains unmodified and is operated under normal and proper conditions. See full warranty for details.