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MC 75 Accessories
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MC75-USB-STARTER USB Starter Kit For The MC70/MC75 Series. Includes Everything You Need to Run Your MC70/75: Charging/Communications Cradle, USB Cable, US Power supply and AC Line Cord. Ships Today $161.33
50-16000-182R AC Power Line Cord, 2 Wire, 6', ungrounded, NEMA 1-15P Plug. (For use with 2 Wire, ungrounded Power Supplies) Ships Today $12.84
25-68596-01R MC67 Accessories, USB Client Communication Cable. USB A to Mini B. Ships Today $17.00
BTRY-MC7XEAB00 Spare Battery, for use with MC70/MC75, 1.5X extended-capacity, Lithium-ion, 3600 mAh Ships Today $55.60
PWRS-14000-249R MC67 Accessories, Power supply: 100-240 VAC, 5.4 VDC, 3A. Barrel Jack. Requires AC Line Cord (Part# 50-16000-182R). Replaces (Part# 50-14000-249R). Ships Today $36.22
Retail $46
Save 21%
STYLUS-00002-03R Spring loaded stylus with teather for the MC70/MC75 series, (packet of 3). Ships Today $41.35
PWRS-14000-241R MC67 Accessories, Power supply (100-240 VAC, 12VDC, 9A). Provides power to the Four Slot Charge Only and Ethernet Cradles for MC9XXX Series. Also requires DC line cord and country specific three wire grounded AC line cord, (Part# 50-16002-029R) and (Part# 23844-00-00R). Order separately. Ships Today $69.84
Retail $105
Save 33%
SAC7X00-400CES Charger Kit (4-Slot, Battery Charger, ES) Ships Today $177.59
KT-105878-01R MC70/MC75 1.5x Battery Door and Strap. Extended battery sold separately (Part# BTRY-MC7XEAB00). Ships Today $24.25
BTRY-MC7XEAB00-10 MC70/75 3600 mAh Battery - 10pk Ships Today $370.76
BTRY-MC7XEAB0E-10 MC70/75 1900 mAh Battery - 10pk Ships Today $291.08
HCH-7010VL-CHG MC70/MC75 Accessories, BATTERIES, MOTOROLA MC70, MC75, VEHICLE CHARGER. OEM (Part# VCD7X00-P000R). Ships Today $63.83
Retail $88.23
Save 27%
SG-MC7011110-02R MC70xx Rigid Holster Ships Today $24.25
BTRY-MC7XEAB0E MC70 1x Lithium-ion Battery, 1950 mAh Ships Today $45.91
CRD7X01-4000ER MC70 Accessories, MC70 and MC75 4-Slot Ethernet Cradle (Requires Power supply (PWRS-14000-241R), DC Line Cord (50-16002-029R), and US AC Line Cord (23844-00-00R)). Ships Today $456.00
KT-70982-02R Pistol Grip (Snap-On) For The MC70/MC75 Series. Ships Today $100.42
SAC7X00-401CES Energy Star 4-Slot Battery Charger for MC70, MC75 and MC3000. Charges spare standard and high capacity batteries. Includes Shim for MC70/MC75 and Power supply (PWRS-14000-148R). Must purchase 3 Wire AC line cord separately. Ships Today $169.70
SAC7X00-4000CR 4 Slot Battery Crg MC70/75 Req Power Sup Kt-14000-148R Ships Today $132.43
25-63852-01R RS-232 Cable for cradle to the host system Ships Today $22.54
KT-105877-01R Kit (Wm, 1x, Battery Door With Strap) For The MC70/MC75 Series. Ships Today $24.25
KT-105879-01R 2.5x Battery Door and Strap For The MC70/MC75 Series. Ships Today $24.25
21-91535-02R Kit (Cleat) For The MC70/MC75 Series. Ships Today $12.85
SG-MC7521215-01R MC75 Fabric Holster Ships Today $46.92
25-63856-01R Modem Adapter Cable needed to connect the (Part# MDM9000-100R) (Modem Module) to the MC70, MC75, MC1000, MC3000 and MC9000 Single Slot Cradles. Allows single slot cradle to be used as a modem cradle Ships Today $21.40
CRD7X00-101RES Single Slot Energy Star Serial/Usb Ships in 24-48 Hours $141.89
VCD7X00-P000R Mc7x Vehicle Crdl, Serial Pass Thr Can Accomodate Standard Or Ext Batt Ships in 24-48 Hours $239.55
25-95214-03R MC70/MC75 Charging Cable Ships in 24-48 Hours $32.80
25-91515-02R Printer Cable, MC70/MC75 Zebra Ql Series Ships in 24-48 Hours $64.15
BTRY-KT-2R5X-MC7XR MC70/MC75 2.5x Lithium-ion Battery 4800 mAh with Door and Strap Ships in 24-48 Hours $73.29
25-102776-02R MC70/MC75 RS-232 Charging Cable. Ships in 24-48 Hours $44.20
SWE-116045-01 Software License, MC70X4/95, OS Upgrade, Windows Mobile 5.0.0 Pro to Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro Ships in 24-48 Hours $44.73
SG-MC7X21216-01R MC70/75 Soft Fabric Holster For Use With Biometric/Smart Card Reader Snap-On Ships in 24-48 Hours $69.39
MSR7000-120R MC75 Snap-On MSR High Esd Resistant Ships in 24-48 Hours $237.51
MDM9000-100R Modem Module for MC1000 Single Slot Cradle. Requires modem cable (Part# 25-63856-01R), not included. Ships in 24-48 Hours $162.21
Retail $245
Save 33%
MC7XFPSCR-01R Finger/Smart Card Readr Contact/Contact Less For Mc7x Ships in 24-48 Hours $545.79
MC7XFPR-01R Biometric Attachment - Fingerprint Only - For The MC70/MC75 Series (Attachment Only) Ships in 24-48 Hours $387.04
KT-76490-01R Battery adapter (shim for 4 slot charge only, packet of 5) Ships in 24-48 Hours $23.89
KT-76270-01R MC70/MC75 Modem Kit: Includes 56K Dongle Modem (Part# MDM9000-100R) and Modem Adapter Cable (Part# 25-70924-03R) Ships in 24-48 Hours $207.57
HMC70-D25X Accessories, Door (2.5x, Works With Hmc70-LI48) For The MC70/MC75. OEM Part Number: (Part# Kt-105879-01r) Ships in 24-48 Hours $20.61
DCR7X00-100R Dcr7x00: Debit Card Reader Ships in 24-48 Hours $418.36
CRD7000-402EES Crd7000 Cradle 4slot Ethernet with 3ac Power cord Ships in 24-48 Hours $493.10
BTRY-MC7XEAB00-50 MC70/75 3600 mAh Battery - 50 pack Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,645.09
25-70924-04R Modem Inverter Cable for the MC70/MC75. Ships in 24-48 Hours $49.75
Retail $70
Save 28%
21-126676-01R MC75 Snap-On Trigger Cleat Only Ships in 24-48 Hours $14.56