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Motorola MC9060-G RFID RFID Reader

Motorola MC9190-Z A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Motorola MC9190-Z.
MC9060-G RFID Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
MC906R-GK0JBEER5US MC9060G RFID, RFID, Imager, Monochrome Display, 64MB, 53 key Alphanumeric Keypad, 802.11b, Pocket PC OS. Order cradle, cable, & power supply separately. See accessories. See Replacement Call for Details
MC906R-GK0JBEER4US MC9060G RFID, RFID, Monochrome Display, 64M, 53 key Alphanumeric, Audio. Order cradle, cable, & power supply separately. See accessories. See Replacement Call for Details
MC906R-GK0HBEER5US MC9060G RFID, RFID, Imager, Color Display, 64MB, 53 key Alphanumeric Keypad, 802.11b, Pocket PC OS. Order cradle, cable, & power supply separately. See accessories. See Replacement Call for Details
MC906R-GK0HBEER4US MC9060G RFID, RFID, Color Display, 64M, 53 key Alphanumeric, Audio. Order cradle, cable, & power supply separately. See accessories. See Replacement Call for Details
MC906R-GH0JBEBR5US MC9060G RFID, RFID, 1D Long Range Scanner (LORAX), Monochrome Touchscreen Display, 64MB RAM, 53 key Alphanumeric Keypad, Windows CE. See Replacement Call for Details
MC906R-GH0JBEBR0US MC9060G RFID, RFID, SE824, Monochrome Display, 64MB, Windows CE .NET, Lithium-Ion battery. Order cradle, cable, & power supply separately. See accessories. See Replacement Call for Details

Motorola MC9060-G RFID Details

The MC9060-G RFID from Symbol Technologies is a ruggedized mobile computer that features integrated support for the most popular radio frequency identification standard - EPCâ„¢, the Electronic Product Code. By integrating support for either EPC Class 1 or Class 0 RFID reading and programming with a robust commercial mobile computer, the MC9060-G RFID is able to offer an unparalleled level of functionality suitable for a broad range of RFID applications. Combining RFID, bar code reading, imaging, 802.11 connectivity, a full 1/4 VGA screen and alphanumeric keypad, the MC9060-G RFID with RFID has the flexibility to give your organization real-time access to mission-critical information from key points in your supply chain. Enterprise-wide management and control of the MC9060-G RFID is easy with Symbol's Mobility Services Platform (MSP).

Many of the world's largest retailers, manufacturers and logistics organizations are integrating RFID as part of their supply chain processes, and RFID is rapidly emerging as a key technology across a wide range of markets and applications. With a feature set that delivers superior data collection, communication and collaboration, the MC9060-G RFID with RFID facilitates faster decision-making and increased productivity in a variety of environments - from the factory to the warehouse to the sales floor.

Mobile Solutions Add Value to RFID

Traditional supply chain applications of RFID rely on automatic reading of tagged items using fixed readers installed at dock doors, mechanized conveyors, depalletization stations and other "choke" points in the movement of goods. However, when integrated with a mobile solution, RFID technology expands and improves the general functionality and performance of your entire mobile application.



Available in EPC Class 1 read/write or EPC Class 0 read/write models

Allows easy integration of RFID as part of your supply chain processes

Extremely rugged design withstands multiple 6 ft./1.8 m drops to concrete; 2,000 3.3 ft./1 m tumbles (4,000 hits)

Ensures less down time due to accidental drops

Dual mode: integrated bar code scanning and RFID

Maximum flexibility for enterprise applications

IP64 sealing rating (electronic enclosure)

Protects against water and dust to ensure reliable performance in rough conditions

Microsoft Windows CE .NET (Class 1 model only), Windows Mobile 2003 operating system (both models)

Gives versatility through familiar interfaces with wide software application support

Intel XScaleâ„¢ PXA255 processor at 400 MHz

Delivers high-speed CPU performance for robust enterprise applications, including multimedia

3.8" large, bright, color display with backlit keypad

Allows easy viewing in many environments, such as ambient light

Wireless LAN communications

Enables real-time data exchange for maximum productivity

Forward scanning, pistol grip ergonomics

Reduces user fatigue in scan-intensive applications

Directional antenna (70-degree forward-looking)

Enables you to isolate the RFID tags you are interested in

API (Application Programming Interface) for Microsoft Windows CE .NET (Class 1 model only), Windows Mobile 2003 (both models)

Use familiar tools to build RFID enabled applications

MC9060-G RFID with RFID: Market, Applications and Users





Inventory management
Supply-line replenishment

Assembly-line personnel
Shipping/receiving personnel


Warehouse management
Price audits/changes
Store receiving
Inventory management

Sales associates
Receiving-dock personnel
Stock-room personnel


Warehouse management

Warehouse personnel


Returns processing

Loading-dock personnel

Third-party logistics

Warehouse management

Warehouse personnel


Enhanced Traceability

Compliance personnel


Parts Tracking

Maintenance personnel
Baggage handling personnel



Service personnel

How Do Mobile Solutions Add Value to RFID Technology?


Mobile Solution Value

Exception Processing

Allows misreads and other problem shipments to be investigated away from the dock without impeding flow

Remote Location Support

Provides a means of utilizing RFID information for receiving - even in the middle of a desert

Quick Start

No installation and low total solution cost allows a "quick start" with RFID

In Site Processing

Goods stored away from fixed readers - e.g. in storage racks - can still be processed using RFID tag information

Mixed Bar code and RFID

Lets workers switch quickly between RFID-tagged items and items marked with a bar code

MC9060-G RFID with RFID Specification Highlights

Physical and Environmental Characteristics


10.75 in. L x 4.7 in. W x 7.7 in. H
27.3 cm L x 11.9 cm W x 19.5 cm H


35.4 oz./1 kg (includes battery, scanner and radio)




Embedded CE models (Class 1 only): 3.8 in. 1/4 VGA Mono
Windows Mobile models (Class 1 and Class 0): 3.8 in. 1/4 VGA Mono or Color


Removable, rechargeable 7.4 volt 2200 mAh Li Ion battery pack (2200mAh, 7.4V)

Performance Characteristics


XScale PXA255 processor at 400 MHz

Operating System:

XScale PXA255 processor at 400 MHzMicrosoft Windows Embedded CE. NET (Class 1 model only) or Windows Mobile 2003 (Both Class 0 and Class 1 models)



Application Development:

SDK available through Symbol Developer Zone Web site

Bar code Options:

Class 1 model: 1D scan engine, omnidirectional 1D and 2D imaging engine
Class 0 model: Omnidirectional 1D and 2D imaging engine

User Environment

Operating Temperature:

Monochrome/Color: -4° to 122° F/-20° to 50°C

Storage Temperature:

-25° to 160° F/-40° to 70° C


5% to 95% non condensing

Drop Spec:

Multiple drops to concrete:
6 ft/1.8 m: 14° C to 122° F/-10° C to 50° C
5 ft/1.5 m: -13° C to 14° F/-25° C to -10° C


2,000 3.3 ft./1 m tumbles at room temperature (4,000 hits)

Environmental Sealing:

IP64 (electronic enclosure)


+/-15kVdc air discharge
+/-8kVdc direct discharge
+/-8kVdc indirect discharge


Standards supported:

EPC Class 1 read/write model or EPC Class 0 read/write model

Nominal read range*:

0.2 ft. to 10 ft./6.09 cm to 304.8 cm

Nominal write range*:

1 ft. to 2 ft./30.5 cm to 60.9 cm


70-degree cone (approx.) measured from nose of device


External, linearly polarized

Frequency Range:

902-928 MHz

Output Power:

1W (4W EIRP)

Wireless Data Communications



Output Power:

100 mW

Data Rate:

802.11b: 11 MB per second



Frequency Range:

Country-dependent; typically 2.4 to 2.5 GHz

Peripherals and Accessories


Single-slot and 4-slot cradles available


Supports extensive line of Symbol-approved printers, cables and accessories


4-Slot universal battery charger

Other Accessories:

Cable adapter module; snap-on magnetic stripe reader and modem; holster



Suitable for sale in the United States and Canada only

Electrical Safety:

Certified to UL60950, CSA C22.2 No. 60950

EMI/RFI Radio Versions:

North America: FCC Part 2 (SAR), FCC Part 15
RSS210 Class B (Class 1 model only)

Laser Safety:

IEC Class2/FDA Class II in accordance with

*Actual read/write range is dependent upon a number of factors, including the specific tag used, nature of the items tagged, and presence or absence of radio interference.