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Motorola MS3204 Scanner

Motorola DS 457 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Motorola DS 457.
MS3204 Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
MS-3204-I000R MS 3204, Fixed Mount Scanner, CL 2, Omni and RS-232 See Replacement Call for Details
MS-3204-I000 MS 3204, MiniScan (Housed Scan Engine, CL 2 Omnidirectional and RS-232) See Replacement Call for Details
MS-3204-E000R MS 3204, Housed Scan Engine, Class 1 Omnidirectional, Fixed Mount, RS-232, European version only. Check Availability Call for Details
MS-3204-E000 MS 3204, MiniScan fixed-mount housed scan engine. Omnidirectional with RS-232 interface. Order cables separately. See Replacement Call for Details