Motorola RFID Reader

Barcode Giant carries a full line of Motorola RFID handheld readers. A Motorola RFID reader utilizes passive UHF RFID technology to capture and analyze data for businesses. Motorola offers handheld devices that can serve as a RFID and Barcode Scanner. The top Motorola RFID readers include the MC3190-Z (handheld), MC9190-Z (handheld), DS9808-R (USB), FX9500 (fixed), and RFD8500 (sled). Check out our full portfolio of Motorola RFID readers below or call one of our representatives for a quantity discount

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Photo of Motorola RFD5500 RFID Reader Motorola RFD5500
Bring the benefits of RFID to your enterprise by adding industry-leading RFID technology to your MC55, MC65 or MC67 mobile computers. The versatile RFD5500 UHF RFID Sled transforms your mobile computer into a state-of-the-art RFID handheld reader...
Photo of Motorola DS 9808 R RFID Reader As low as
Motorola DS 9808 R
With the flexible Motorola DS 9808 R combination bar code imager and RFID reader there is no need to purchase multiple devices to enable different types of data capture in your enterprise. No matter what applications you need now or in the...
Photo of Motorola MC 3190-Z RFID Reader As low as
Motorola MC 3190-Z
The Motorola MC 3190-Z is a new class of RFID reader bringing the benefits of RFID from industrial environments to the carpeted space. The MC 3190-Z features the ergonomics required for all day comfort and ease of use. At just half the weight of its...
Photo of Motorola MC9190-Z RFID Reader As low as
Motorola MC9190-Z
The MC9190-Z is a high-performance, highly rugged RFID handheld reader targeted for use in very demanding applications and environments. Designed for medium- to long-range RFID read applications, the MC9190-Z delivers best-in-class RFID read range...
Photo of Motorola RD 5000 RFID Reader Motorola RD 5000
The Motorola RD 5000 facilitates implementation of RFID read points in new areas of the enterprise, expands visibility of product movement and enables new productivity-saving applications. The integrated 802.11a/b/g WLAN radios provide flexible,...
Photo of Motorola FX-9500 RFID Reader As low as
Motorola FX-9500
Your business relies on tracking your valuable assets and moving your sellable products. The faster you can receive, inventory, pick and ship items without errors and without bottlenecks, the more efficient and profitable your operation can be. The...
Photo of Motorola FX7500 RFID Reader As low as
Motorola FX7500
For large scale global deployments, the FX7500 helps reduce costs by conforming out-of-the-box with major worldwide RFID standards and interfaces, including FCC and ETSI EN 302 208, LLRP and Reader Management. IPv6, FIPS and TLS compliance help...