MC3090Z-LC48HBAQE1 - Motorola MC 3090 Z RFID Reader

The Motorola MC 3090 Z brings RFID functionality to indoor business or "carpeted" environments. Groundbreaking innovations developed for the antenna end the compromise of choosing between linear polarization for a longer read range or circular polarization for wider coverage. Motorola has created technology that combines both for superior coverage. The orientation insensitive antenna delivers extraordinary reliability and eliminates the need to precisely align the reader with the tag, adding to user comfort and productivity. The result is the ability to accurately and rapidly capture RFID tags on even the most challenging items - from a pile of clothing in a retail store or a box of files in the office to data tapes in the data center. The MC 3090 Z is the only RFID reader that features pinpoint locationing technology that guides workers to an item.

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MC3090Z-LC48HBAQE1 MC 3090 Z, MC3090 RFID Handheld Terminal - Intel Xscale Pxa270 520 MHz - 128 Mb RAM - 1 Gb Flash - QVGA LCD - 48 Keys
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The Motorola MC3090Z-LC48HBAQE1 is also known as SYM-MC3090ZLC48HBAQE or MC3090ZLC48HBAQE1 .