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Motorola MC 5574

Term with L/P/1D/Camera 128/512/Num/Windows Mobile 6.1/1.5x

Hand Held Computer
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Motorola MC 55: MC 5590 & MC 5574 Hand Held Computer

The Motorola MC 55: MC 5590 & MC 5574 brings a new level of functionality and flexibility to pocket-sized mobile devices. The smallest and lightest Motorola rugged EDA, the MC 55: MC 5590 & MC 5574 packs the power of a walkie-talkie, VoIP phone, mobile computer, bar code scanner and camera into a robust enterprise class device with true consumer styling and ergonomics - and is designed to meet mobile worker, business application and IT requirements. With the MC 55: MC 5590 & MC 5574 in hand, task workers such as retail associates and managers, health care workers in a hospital, and servers in a restaurant enjoy the cost-effective yet sophisticated mobile voice and data services required to streamline tasks and improve productivity, customer response times and customer service levels. Enterprise class rugged construction, manageability, security and scalability allow the MC 55: MC 5590 & MC 5574 to easily meet the most demanding IT policies and mandates. And a broad array of accessories enables easy customization of the MC 55: MC 5590 & MC 5574 to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Manufacturer part number: MC5574-PYCDURRA9WR