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Motorola MC 5590

L/P, 2D, 128/256, Pim, Windows Mobile 6.1,1x

Hand Held Computer
This part is replaced by MC5590-P30DUNQA7WR.
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Motorola MC 55: MC 5590 & MC 5574 Hand Held Computer

Designed from the ground up to support voice as well as data, the Motorola MC 55: MC 5590 & MC 5574 offers a superior voice user experience. Functionality includes push-to-talk (PTT) walkie-talkie style instant communications over the WLAN and support for IP telephony, using partner software to extend deskphone features to the MC 55: MC 5590 & MC 5574. This flexibility allows workers to place a private call in sensitive environments, such as healthcare, while managers can easily reach all associates at the press of a button - without using the intrusive overhead paging system or affecting the customer experience. Additionally, handset and speakerphone modes provide workers with the convenience and flexibility to use the voice mode that meets the needs of the job - and the moment. And since voice and data services are delivered over the WLAN, in-building cellular coverage issues that can affect voice quality are eliminated.

Full specifications (PDF)

Manufacturer part number: MC5590-PK0DKNQA7WR